In 2018 Ukraine set a new record for the import of used cars

In 2018, the Ukrainians imported and registered 116.8 thousand cars with mileage.

In December, the Ukrainians put on record 21.4 thousand passenger cars. In the primary market last month in 2018 amounted to 28,4 thousand cars and the share of used cars it reached a record 75 percent, according to the Association “Ukrautoprom”. Such an increase in initial registrations of imported second-hand in the Ukraine contributed to the adoption of laws on the legalization of so-called “EuroBLECH”.

Only at the end of last year, Ukrainian there 116.8 thousand imported used passenger cars or two times more than in 2017. Recall that the market for new cars in 2018 was 81.8 thousand units, which is 0.6% less than in the previous year.

The increased demand for b/shny imports led to the overall growth of the primary market of passenger cars 43 percent to 198,6 thousand cars.

The brand leader in the primary market of passenger cars with mileage of Volkswagen became. In 2018, the Ukrainians put on record 19250 imported Volkswagens not the first freshness, which is three times more than new cars of the same brand.

In second place with Renault indicator 14758 used cars. Initial registration b/at-shnyh Renault 1.7 times exceeded the result of new.

Skoda took the third place – 10615 cars with mileage (almost 2 times more sales of new Skodas).

Fourth most popular was Ford, imported second-hand clothes of this brand have chosen 7854 Ukrainians, 2.5 times more than those who chose a new Ford.

The top five leaders of the primary market of passenger cars with mileage of Opel, with the result 6827 machines. For reference, the new Opel last year was completed in just 209 EA.

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