In 2018, the profit of “Naftan” has fallen from 58%

The Belarusian oil refining industry suffers losses.

Net profit of JSC “Naftan” in 2018 amounted to Br4,Br10 vs 56 million,77 million in 2017, according to a published financial report of the activities of the company nestandarta, reports “Interfax”.

Thus, the net profit of “Naftan” in 2018 decreased by 57.7 per cent.

According to the company, revenues in 2018 rose by 22.5% to Br7,47 billion with a growth of costs by 26.3% to Br7. 2 billion as a result gross profit amounted to Br270,47 million, a decrease of 32%.

Profits from product sales in 2018 fell to 89,8% to Br12,65 million

As reported, the results for 2018 JSC “Naftan” has paid dividends in the amount of Br8. 5 million

In 2018 Naftan processed about 8.3 million tons of oil.

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