In 2018, the GDP growth in Poland amounted to 5.1%

It is reported by the Central statistical office of Poland.

In 2018, economic growth in Poland amounted to 5.1%, according to “Radio Poland” with reference to the Main statistical office of the country.

Economist at Santander Bank Polska Piotr Bielski stressed that last year the condition of the Polish economy should be good.

“GDP growth was exactly as we had hoped – 5,1%. This is a very good result. Exactly a year ago no one would have believed in this kind of economic growth. If during the whole year economic growth was 5.1%, presumably in the fourth quarter figure was below 5% level,” – said the economist.

Peter Belsky added that in the coming quarters we should expect a slight slowdown in economic growth: “Perhaps the Polish economy will begin to influence the situation in the world. The decline in the fourth quarter of 2018 is only the beginning of what will happen in the following quarters. Perhaps in the future we will deal with the slowing pace of economic growth. However, I hope that it will not be serious and significant deceleration. This year, the average rate of economic growth will be slightly below 4%, which is not such a bad result.”

The Chairman of the Main statistical office Dominic Rozkrut reported that the main growth factor was domestic demand.

In 2017, Poland’s GDP increased by 4.6% compared with the year 2016.

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