In 2018 grantees will be less than one third, – the Ministry of social policy

In the following, 2018, will not be rapid growth rates, so the number of grantees should be reduced to 5 million consumers.
This was stated by Minister of social policy of Ukraine Andriy Reva in an interview DT.UA.
He added that the greatest number of socially vulnerable who are not able to pay communal, Ukraine was to receive at the end of the heating season 2017.
“When we considered how all can be recipients of grants that went to 8-9 million. In fact, in January of 2017, there were 7.5 million. The remaining 1.5 million, most likely, had the formal right to receive very small grants, but just do not want to do her artwork,” said the Minister.
Now, according to Reva, subsidies are paid 6.6 million Ukrainian families. And during the heating season the period of 2016-2017 state support have used 7.4 million.

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