In 2018, 5 thousand couples have enjoyed “marriage for a day”

“Marriage for a day” was used five thousand pairs. Photo: Carpathian lens

“Marriage for a day” in 2018 in Kiev have used more than 5 million couples.

Service “Marriage for a day” allows people “to make the relationship quickly, without bureaucratic delays”, the press service of Kyiv city state administration.

“Today we see a large flow of people, but the professionals who join this process, doing everything possible to legal registration of the marriage was more convenient and comfortable. I hope that the number of people willing to register the “Marriage day” in the capital will exponentially increase,” – said the head of Kyiv city state administration Dmitry zagumennov.

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“Marriage for a day” – services of the Ministry of justice, which are intended to make the wedding as convenient and comfortable. The project involves a departure from the old Soviet bureaucratic rules that force Ukrainians to submit an application, wait a minimum of 30 days. The service is “Marriage for a day” was introduced on July 29, 2016.


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