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Immortality for World Government nedoschityvaetsya of the World’s governments want to become immortal. Billions of dollars are going into research of aging, built a secret laboratory. However, all is to no purpose, immortality can not be obtained from the ignorant scientists…


The richest people in the United States carried out mysterious experiments for immortality

Author Victoria Nikiforova

Mad scientists, speculators, crooks and geniuses – all of these people gathered on the West coast of the United States in response to a simple request American billionaires: to create a “ticket to immortality». Billions of dollars are spent on the most fantastic and top-secret experiments in life extension. How are the prospects of these studies?

“In our world only two things are inevitable – death and taxes“–said Benjamin Franklin, whose portrait adorns the $ 100 American dollars for over a century. Magnates of IT from Silicon valley found numerous ways to evade taxes. Now they are looking to deceive death itself.

In 2013, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry page have invested a billion dollars in the company Calico . Its full title is the “California company “Life”. At the opening of the then head of Google Ventures bill Maris has announced that Calico to extend human life by at least 500 years. The Newspapers came out with headlines like “Google would soon be “hacked” to death.” The promise turned loud, but the noise around him immediately fell silent.

Nothing surprising: the company Calico still exists, it is already invested more than half a billion dollars, but it classified. Research laboratory hidden in an underground bunker somewhere on the outskirts of San Francisco (see Chapter 1. “X-files San-Francisco-2”, of the book by Nicholay Levashov “Mirror of my soul” volume 3). It does not allow the press, its staff publish scholarly works, and every visitor is forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Neither management nor the PR Google no comments on this account are not allowed.



“All of this is somewhat unnerving the other scientists, – said the head of the Department at the National Institute of aging Felipe Sierra magazine Technological ReviewМассачусетского Institute of technology. – We want to know what they’re doing. Then we could develop other areas or to collaborate with them on their topics. They also research laboratory, so what do they examine?»

In Calico employs well-known experts in genetics, biology and artificial intelligence, but they are very vague talking about their work. The only thing known for certain is carrying out experiments on naked mole rats – small rodents that don’t feel pain, almost never get cancer and live ten times longer than other rodents.

You need to understand that these mysterious experiments – not just a special case of the whims of billionaires. Immortality is the most fashionable trend in Silicon valley (In fact it is evolutionary death. Cm. the film “the entity in the cycle of Life and Death” at the end of the article. Primas’. Rouen). It invests the owners of the largest companies. The theme of longevity and eternal health are developing numerous startups. And public IT-the oligarchs are practicing the strange habits, believing that they will prolong their youth. There was even a special “Prize of Longevity in Palo Alto”. It half a million dollars intended to someone who will be able to significantly extend the life of any mammal.

Despite the fact that the movers and shakers of Silicon valley are positioning themselves as modern intellectuals, based on their pursuit of immortality are banal, purely human emotions that had successfully governed the religion.



Sometimes it’s sentimentality. So, Director of engineering at Google ray Kurzweil in its 69 years can not come to terms with the death of the father, and stores all that’s left of him – photographs, letters, bills, receipts, hoping someday to create virtual avatar Kurzweil’s senior. In his mind, soon, scientists will be able to transplant human intelligence in “non-biological” media. Thus, the body can disappear and the person will continue to exist in the computer. Then Kurzweil Jr. will be able to live with his father forever in one information “the cloud”.

The problem is that scientists, even approximately no idea how the human intellect (see the book “spirit and Mind”. Primas’. Rouen) in the tangle of a hundred billion neurons and hundred trillion synapses of the brain. Scheme for the translation of this complex system in a computer does not yet exist, and the prognosis for her is disappointing. But in case it will be delayed, Kurzweil ordered to bury yourself in liquid nitrogen and then, when the technology still defeat death to defrost and remove the brain.

Grief over loved ones dictates motives and one of the founders of Oracle, Larry Ellison. His adoptive mother died of cancer when he was still in College. Being rich, he donated 335 million dollars for the study of aging.

In the case of the founder of Google Ventures bill Maris sentimental feeling is complemented by your own fear incurable disease. Maris, too, was traumatized by the loss of his father – he died of a brain tumour, when the future billionaire was 26 years old. Maris now leads a healthy lifestyle, trains every day, doesn’t eat meat, regularly examined by doctors. «But when I’m alone, my thoughts are very dark“he admitted to the journalist “the new Yorker”.

It Maris persuaded Larry page and Sergey Brin to launch Calico. According to him, not the last role in this decision was the fact, that Brin was discovered a gene responsible for predisposition to Parkinson’s disease.

Interest it people the super-rich to the question of life extension are outright charlatans and serious scientists. By itself, the Calico became a wonderful opportunity for geneticists and biologists to focus on fundamental research in the world, when no one requires them quick returns. The famous American biologist David Botstein, who heads the company, has said that any results of their laboratory earlier than 10 years will not give.



It was in Silicon valley trying to find $ 65 million for research and serious in gerontology from the University of Illinois in Chicago. During six years of tests on volunteers, they want to know whether Metformin – a drug for diabetics – prolongs youth. Especially for investors from the IT industry and they have composed a sonorous slogan for his grant application: “This is your ticket to immortality.”

But no less effectively on the emotions of wealthy investors play and speculators of all stripes who understand that only in Silicon valley they will be able to get hundreds of millions of dollars on the most incredible startups. Joon young, who created a hedge Fund investing in healthcare and attracts magnates using their favorite lingo. “I think aging is encoded in us, – he announced at the party in honor of presenting the next award for healthy longevity. – If something is encoded, then, there is a code that you want to solve. And guessing code, it can and will crack!”The audience, which consisted of the bosses of the IT industry, erupted in applause.

Often IT is the oligarchs, suddenly who made huge fortunes and revels in its own intelligence bred on investment through good looks and gab. In 2016, the Creator of a startup Biotechnology biotechnology Unitu Nathaniel David has successfully Spud the progressive gay’sthe billionaire Creator of Pay Pal Peter Thiel. David offers products that slow down cancer in mice and increase their lifespan by 35%. But there is a subtlety: the test is not carried out, it even out of the question. How David was able to persuade an experienced investor Thiel pour tens of millions of dollars in this startup?

In an interview to a journalist of the same “new Yorker” he told me that he was helped by the appearance – experience “the effect of Dorian gray”. 49-year-old David «looks good for 30. He had thick dark hair and no wrinkles on the face,” describes his “new Yorker”. “Some investors my young look concerned, – modestly says cute David. – But the guys from Silicon valley like Peter Thiel troubled by people who look older than forty.”

Til soon joined by the richest man in the world – the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos. Just as youthful David had collected in the Silicon valley 116 million dollars.

While the drug is being tested on mice, Thiel has been practicing more known methods of rejuvenation. It was said that he regularly resorted to blood transfusions. For such as he, in Silicon valley, there was another special startup with the name “Ambrosia”, created by Dr. Jesse Karmazin. His assistants poured the blood of young man in the bodies of their aging patients. The effect of medical procedures are not proven, but older people argue that transfusion really rejuvenate them.

According to unconfirmed rumors, Thiel is spending 160 thousand dollars a year to him transfuse blood 18-year-old patients. He denies it, but Ambrosia to the lack of customers doesn’t complain. This is despite the fact that Dr. Karmazin has set the price for one transfusion in 8 thousand dollars, although the donor shortage is not in “Ambrosia” likes to donate blood to the local youth, this is a good part time job for students.

Along with biologists and pharmacists oligarchs are actively campaigning for immortality and outright humanists.

For Sergey Brin, for example, was heavily influenced by the books Israeli philosopher Yuval Noah Harari, in which he announces that in the near future super-rich people who are successful will secure and immortality, and new intellectual abilities. Thus, they will create a race, like gods or superhumans while the rest of the population of the Earth will dwell in nothingness.

To date, the actual results of all this battle for immortality is not visible. In the same way as ordinary people, billionaires die from cancer and suffer from dementia. Owners of powerful intellects, and billions of dollars in accounts seem to be as naive cranks, like the Chinese emperors, who swallowed handfuls of tablets from mercury believing that this will ensure them eternal life.

But all these whims there is another side – the oligarchs of Silicon valley change the course of the development of medicine as a science. Over the past two centuries the latest medical advances quickly went to mass and improved the life of humanity as a whole. All great discoveries radically changed the life of huge masses of people, was cheap and accessible. Penicillin by Alexander Fleming, quickly spread around the world.



Modern medicine is going the other way – its developments in advance privatized investors. Among the sponsors of the struggle for immortality is not only sentimental billionaires, who don’t know what to do with their money, and prudent businessmen who are planning how to cash in on the possible discoveries. So, if in a mysterious Calico and will be able to discover the “cure for death”, there is no doubt that his investors will make everything to consume it alone. For everyone else the price of the “ticket to immortality” will be unaffordable.

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