Immortal on January 26 will hold constituent Assembly of the party of the new sample

Politician Roman Bezsmertny announced the holding of the constituent Assembly of the party “new model”. Photo: Alexander Kosarev

On Saturday, January 26, in Kyiv will take place the constituent Assembly of the party “new model”, which has announced the prominent politician Roman immortal. This he personally announced in a video blog on his Facebook page.

During the meeting will be defined the name of the party discussed the draft programme and adopted the party’s statutes.

“A month ago, I issued a Manifesto “On the future”, which first announced the intention to initiate a political force of the new sample. The constituent Assembly of this new political force will be held on 26 January,” he said.

According to him, Ukraine has created a lot of parties, but none of them is a real intermediary between the individual and the state. Moreover, the vast majority of them is “the business structure of the closed type” which purpose is the capture and distribution of power, and “Man and his problems there.”

Immortal is convinced that the current political forces “killed the real politics as the art of government and turned it into a show.” “If you collect their leaders, that would leave only one party – the populists-liars. I suggest we work together to change that. You need to build the party of the new sample”, – he stressed.

The politician said that the new political force “will be created with a clean slate” and will not “hierarchical structure”.

“To create a mechanism in which every person can find their place in the political system. The party must teach the people to govern the state, to train personnel and lead them to power,” – says the Immortals.

Recall that the Manifesto “About the future” of the Novel immortal was published on 24 December 2018 on its official website.


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