“I’m responsible for what happens in my country”: how Ukrainians vote abroad

More than 500 thousand voters from the Ukrainian Diaspora made to the consular list and have the right to participate in the Ukrainian elections of 2019. Unfortunately, the experience of previous elections showed that in fact only a tenth of the vote of Ukrainians abroad.
How to register overseas and get the right to vote

In spite of all Ukrainians abroad call upon my countrymen not to neglect the right to vote – although there are difficulties and sometimes problems with passage to the polling stations.

Alexander Shevchenko is a student at the University of London and the election period will not have time to come home. So for the first time will vote abroad, and this must go through a complicated procedure to apply for setting it on the consular registration in the consular section of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Kingdom.

Alexander Shevchenko is forced to vote in Britain, and therefore needs to fulfill a number of conditions

“We need a photo copy of the passport and the documents confirming the reason for permanent residence in the UK. In my case, a residence permit in connection with training,” explained Alexander. Unless all of the conditions he and other Ukrainians in a similar situation will be able to vote in London on March 31 Ukrainian presidential election.

I want to be responsible for what happens in my country
– said Alexander Shevchenko.

Only in the UK at the consular office is about two thousand Ukrainians, but unfortunately, come to the polling stations only 10 to 15%.

What complicates the Diaspora the realization of their right to vote

Distance and a small number of sites. Officially, there are 102 polling stations for Ukrainians all over the world. Alexander Stelmakh, the head of the service managing the State register of voters, said that the state can create polling stations only where there are missions and consular offices. Therefore, it often happens that the voter must cover a distance of 200-300 kilometers to arrive to the site.

The lack of information about where and how to vote. All voters are trying to maximize informed promptly and fully as possible. In particular, in the Ukrainian Consulate in Istanbul, the greatest emphasis in training is made on the messages for voters. Alexander Aman, Consul General of Ukraine in Istanbul, told that they use social media, personal meetings and the website of the Consulate. He also assured that Turkey for the electoral Commission’s work has in fact all ready.

The liquidation of the polling stations. In particular, do not equip the polling stations in 2019 in Russia, the CEC eliminated there are five areas to ensure fair conduct of the election and the security of citizens of Ukraine on the territory of the aggressor country. Of the country in which, incidentally, many lives of Ukrainians. However, Pavlo Klimkin, Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, assured that the Ukrainians of the Russian Federation will be able to vote at precincts Georgia, Kazakhstan and Finland.

Foreign Minister Klimkin assured that the voters will not have problems due to the closure of sites in Russia

How do the voices of the Diaspora on the results of the elections in General

In previous elections, the votes of Ukrainians from abroad almost did not change the pattern of the final results. But conscious of the Diaspora are doing everything to change that, and you know how. “The only way to change the rules of the game is to change politicians. And the only way to change politicians is the elections,” said a student from the United States and founder of the learning platform Prometheus Ivan Primachenko.

How many voters are registered in Ukraine and abroad?As at 31 December 2018 in the State register of voters was 35 million 602 thousand 855 people. The total number of overseas electors electoral district, including a mark of Disposals, amounted to 523 thousand 587 people. Those who have the mark of retirement, listed in the register 116 of 756 thousand voters.

Just remember the 2014 elections – then the youth of the Diaspora in Warsaw tried and set a record on the voters areas received more than five thousand people.

Dmitry Furchak lives in Poland, but not indifferent to Ukraine

This was confirmed by an eyewitness and participant of those events Dmitry Furchak – Ukrainian living in Warsaw. Despite the fact that Dmitry lives and works abroad – he is not indifferent to what is happening at home, and like it – thousands.


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