Ilya KVASHA: “I Hope that in 2018 in our country everything is back to normal”

Ilya Kvasha. Photo: Reuters

Bronze medalist of the Olympic games in Beijing 2008, triple world championship medalist in diving Ilya Kvasha looked at the Christmas light “SE”.

– With what feelings accompany this year? If you need to write about this Chapter in the autobiography, as it will be called?

– To see off the year with a sense of accomplishment, at all major competitions were medal – that’s good.

And the Chapter on 2017, I would call “a New phase in life.”

– Zhenya Lukashin from the film “Irony of fate or With light steam” in the night from December 31 to January 1 was in a strange apartment, the boy Kevin from “home Alone” fought with the burglar. But what is most surprising happened to you for the holidays?

– Once on New year I went for the girl in another city, namely in Kharkiv. It was the most unusual that I’ve done. Because we were not even personally acquainted at that time was just rewritten in social networks.

And I suggested to celebrate the New year together. Ilona said that I agree, but only if I come and get permission from her parents. I got in the car and drove off. At that moment I even could not think that this is my future wife, nevertheless the adventure has involved.

– Imagine that the Olympic base “Koncha-Zaspa” is preparing for a Christmas party and need to choose who will play the role of Santa Claus. Your suggestions.

– The Snow Maiden – Olga Harlan. Santa Claus – Jean Beleniuk. It will be very bright!

– Everyone must bring a dish for the holiday table in Koncha-Zaspa. You colleagues can taste?

– Something sweet. There is such a wonderful thing, as multivarka, which all fill up, and it turns out great sponge cake.

– What’s a party without talent, you want to conquer the Grandfather of the Frost?

– As a child, just remember, I always recited poems. My parents put on the stool and I spoke. But apart from that I also played the accordion. Now this talent is a little lost, but for the sake of the party in Koncha-Zaspa to please the snow maiden the girl, and Grandfather of Jean, you can, and remember.

– What memories do you have about the children’s new year parties?

I have always had a very cheerful character: parsley, Bunny, and yet somehow cock. Remember, I have a suit’s red was. Somewhere my parents still have to be photos.

– Last time you sculpted a snowman or played in the snow?

– For a long time and it’s sad, not enough time.

– Tricky question: why do you think Santa Claus comes in through the door, and Santa Claus climbs down the chimney?

Interesting question, never thought about it. Well, I’m not very cultured thoughts in my head. Grandfather frost and snow maiden go sober. And Santa Claus with elves – tipsy, so they want action.

– 2018 Chinese horoscope the year of Yellow earth dog. Think of what you can expect from her?

– Most importantly, that she didn’t bite. In General, I hope that next year will bring the end of the war, all we have in the country is normalized, so that people with confidence can look to the future, to plan, and not to live as on a powder keg, not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

– What are your plans on December 31, 2017?

– The new year is a family holiday and I will meet his family. Most likely will come to us parents, in General, all as usual. Somewhere to hang out we’re not going.

Anna SAVCHIK, Sport-Express in Ukraine

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