Ihor SURKIS: “Believe in Dynamo!”

Ihor SURKIS. Photo of FC “Dynamo”

Today the President of “Dynamo” Igor Surkis celebrates 61 years. On the eve of his birthday, the head of the “Dynamo” has given interview to the official website of the club.

The legendary Franz Beckenbauer ended rather early career coach, citing the constant stress. But the role of the President of the club did not bring him peace, and he subsequently also talked about the pressure, stress and the many hours given to this work. For you activity on a post of the President of “Dynamo” (Kyiv) – the stress or pleasure?

– I must say that it’s very hard work, and certainly not fun as it may seem from the outside. I became the President of “Dynamo” in 2002-m to year and are engaged in the development of the club and problem-solving Dynamo for 17 years. But it’s nerves, stress and gray hair. Anyway, health is not exactly increased. The post of President of football club of this caliber as Dynamo is a difficult and largely thankless job. Certain things are invisible to the fans and not always the conclusions on the achievements or mistakes of the club (and my own) are based on the actual situation.

– Where in the hierarchy of football clubs in Europe you can see Dynamo taking into account the reality and objective factors today?

– Given all the realities, I want to “Dynamo” has shown football that will please the fans of the team. And what places or achievements we have in Europe – will largely depend on the situation in the country. It is not conditional, but real relationship.

If there is peace, stability and the conditions for the development of the team, “Dynamo” will become stronger. Things are interrelated. When the country’s instability, when there is a war, when many people just think about survival at this time, the football fades into the background. It concerns not only fans, but players, including those who are not eager to move to our League.

Remember how we had a championship 7-8 years ago! By intrigue we have not conceded many strong European leagues. In Ukraine there were 4 teams (Dynamo, Shakhtar, Dnipro, Metalist), who fought for the first place. Even some of the top Championships in Europe, this intrigue is not. For example, in France dominated by PSG, in Italy is dominated by Juventus, there is essentially no questions about who will occupy the first place.

My ideal current Dynamo is more of their students and young Ukrainians at the base.So that they can better announced himself, as did, for example, Popov. I really hope and believe that will manifest itself at a serious level of Tsitaishvili, Buleca, Spraga and our other talents.

If these players do not stop their professional growth, they will help to realize the team’s potential, improve the quality of football, to raise interest in the game “Dynamo”. Quality football will appear and the results. And place the “Dynamo” in the European hierarchy will improve noticeably.

– You raised two main problems of Ukrainian football: lack of serious level of competition in the League and the weak economic component, and at the level of the country. Without solving these problems the development of Ukrainian football is impossible in principle, or there are opportunities to improve the situation?

Professional football is an interesting phrase in this regard: “it is Possible and if there is serious money to make a strong team, but without money it is not exactly new”.

In our club the situation is quite stable, but on the financial possibilities we give the same performance. Everything is relative and if you compare the budgets of “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar” with other clubs, it is incommensurable magnitude.

In any case, the owner of “Dawn” Eugene Heller, owner of “Alexandria” Sergey Kuzmenko can only thank for what they invest in football. For that keep the clubs at a certain level, because they defend the honor of Ukraine in the European competitions. For what I fight with “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar”, trying to compete with them.

And if the owners of other clubs would be tightened to this level, would have pulled budgets and develop team, then we would have a stronger League. Everything comes from the owners and managers of clubs, it is their philosophy and their desire to develop their offspring.

First of all, we must not love the place in the standings, not situational success, and to love the soccer. That’s when the development will be competition and progress. But let me reiterate: the important stability in the country and the economy. The improvement of the economic situation in Ukraine is the most important factor for the development of professional football.

– The activities of the football club “Dynamo” (Kiev) is often estimated only based on the results of the first team. How much it corresponds to the real situation?

– Football club “Dynamo” (Kiev) is not only the first team. It’s a great organization which not only deals with professional football. We have children that are learning to hundreds of boys, parents have entrusted us with their children who play football and get an education.

It’s not just the relationship between the club and children, it is more. We have godparents for them, and our main problem is that they are just aspired to the career of a footballer, and above all, become worthy citizens and patriots of their country. The club is open over the future of these children to have their main interests in life were sport and self-development, not cigarettes, and drugs. This is a huge social responsibility, we work with the younger generation and shape the future of our country including.

It seems that the process is simple and does not require complex solutions. In fact, it’s taken on more responsibility for the pedagogical character, and this development is the formation of persons. Professional players will be not all, but become a good man, a decent man is not less important than to achieve anything in football. And we are responsible for it!

The school has trainers who have spent many years at the club, who have worked with Valeriy lobanovskyi in quality players who know how to educate young people. Doesn’t matter, they will win first place right now or tomorrow. It is important that they understand the club’s philosophy and sought to get into the first team. And these players are now, I can name a lot of names.

They have great examples. Before my eyes the way that was done Mikolenko, Besedin, Tsygankov, Burda, Shaparenko. The players of the first team that got to the Foundation not only because of his talent but also hard work. And when the Dynamo U-19 come 2-3 thousand fans, it suggests that people are interested in football, and they want to see that young, talented generation of players.

And if this talented generation will think only about football, many of them unable to Express themselves at a high professional level. My personal opinion – the school, other clubs also need to raise quality youth even in the current difficult situation.

As a vivid example of what is possible even in troubled time to achieve serious results, this is the game and final place for the Ukrainian team in the qualifying tournament of Euro-2020. Time of crisis provides an opportunity for bold and effective decisions. But it is an important systematic work, not just some steps, designed for luck. For “Dynamo” in the first place clear structural and systematic work in terms of educating young players. For us, it is not slogans and empty words, but reality.

– If you evaluate the work of the club for the upbringing of players, it is impossible not to ignore the presence of players of the club system in national teams of different age groups. For you this is the evaluation of the system of “Dynamo”?

– Of course, there is a lot to talk about. Over the years we are serious about the integrity and credibility of Ukrainian football in the world. We prepare and educate the players who then represent our country in national teams of different age groups.

We will not delve into history, I think we all remember how much players have prepared a Dynamo for our teams. Let’s go over what we have now.

Ukraine’s national team has qualified for the European championship. The Dynamo is permanently displayed in the team headed by the pupil of our club Andriy Shevchenko. Vitaly Nikolenko is the main left back, Viktor Tsygankov has played a few tough games, its excellent performance was the key to a key victory over team Serbia.

His role in the team has played Sergey Sidorchuk, Vladimir Shepelev, Mykyta Burda, Artem Besedin, Vitaliy buialskyi. Let’s not forget that now “the Dynamo” the national team represents and Alexander Karavaev.

Best Ukrainian striker Roman Yaremchuk is our alumnus. Yeah, he’s at a young age left the “Dynamo”, but this transfer became for him an important step for further development. We’re having an affair was not in the squad due to serious competition, but the club did not marinate it in the brace or to provide some kind of frivolous game time. We went to meet Yaremchuk and gave him the opportunity to develop elsewhere. Now he is to score in the national team and helped it qualify for Euro 2020.

About Andriy Yarmolenko and say that a lot of it makes no sense. All know and remember how much effort has been invested by the club in its development, and the fact that it is in “the Dynamo” it has grown from a modest kid into a player on a continental scale.

And the success of the national team U-20? The basis of the team that won the world Cup, made up of our guys and the players of Shakhtar. And “Dynamo” and Donetsk club are working to raise the quality players bring success to our national teams.

Sergey Buleca, George Chitaishvili, Denis Popov, Vladislav Supryaga – they all played an important role in the victory of the national team U-20. At any time could replace Vlad Lunin our Kucheruk. Without these guys it was difficult to count on final success.

Here is the most recent example. National team U-19 qualified for the final of the elite round of the European championship. Of the 15 players who took part in the victory over the Swedes, seven are “Dynamo”, and still have one on contract, but played in rent (AUD). That is, of the 15 players of the national team U-19 8 present “Dynamo”, and this command gives the result!

The Dynamo are the backbone of the national team U-21, our children win with the national team U-17 and this process does not stop. The education of talented young people is one of the priority directions of development of the club.

The Dynamo represented in all age categories, we always with respect and understanding attitude to what is necessary for the national teams of Ukraine. We systematically and seriously the process of preparing the players who are not only in “Dynamo”, and at the level of teams in defending the honour of Ukraine in the world and Europe.

Our club educates players in the spirit of patriotism and devotion to his country. They give their all when playing for the national teams, we always meet our Ukrainian teams, and what are we getting in return? And in response to the representatives of the Federation appropriated the achievements and laurels after the success of our teams.In the Federation seriously believe that they brought those world Champions. That is, they raised them with a boyish age, treated their injuries and invested in their development.

Dynamo is raising for the national teams of Ukraine prepared and motivated players, and in response the leaders of the club are not even invited to the matches of the national team.Okay, not invited, then you can on TV to watch. But after the victory of the national team U-20 world Cup even congratulations and thanks to the club for prepared for team players not to send… But I get it, people are very busy building football fields. The pace of build that soon it will be impossible to pass – there will be one football field. Of course, if the budget can stand it.

We maintain an infrastructure, pay salaries to players and coaches that create favorable conditions for the development of our young players, whom we glorify our country in the sports world, and in response we see the pettiness and total lack of respect. People who has not a penny invested in the development of football in this country, and only have earned it, already pinned the medals, ordered diplomas, puffed out his cheeks and tell you what enormous efforts they have made to the success of our teams.

But if someone thinks that we will reply the same pettiness and spite that we ignore the interests of the national teams of Ukraine – he is mistaken. Dynamo is more than just a football club, pursuing their own interests. We work not only for themselves but for the entire Ukrainian football. We don’t just grow players for our first team, and interested in the success of our teams on the international stage.

We will continue to stick to their line and work for global goals, success and development as a Dynamo and Ukrainian football. Even when the answer does not feel of respect and gratitude from those who then presents these achievements as their own personal achievements, although it has nothing to do with them.

– In your opinion, the FTC’s decision of the UAF on the events in the match in Kharkiv is a continuation of the bias against “Dinamo”? How did you react to the verdict from the FTC?


– The most correct word to describe the situation is a mess. This is a complete outrage on the part of the national Association in relation to the Dynamo and the fans.

The FTC’s decision, the UAF is beyond common sense and logic. It’s hard to explain from any point of view.Judge for yourself on the events of the match “Shakhtar” – “Dynamo” is under investigation at the level of the national police. Our club encourages this investigation, we are most interested in its successful completion. At the moment investigations are ongoing, and we have been punished in full.

The FTC not only gave us the maximum penalty, but somehow came up with holding a home game without spectators. And who in this situation punished? Who is the FTC really punished? Football club “Dynamo” (Kiev), which consistently and fundamentally fighting against all forms of discrimination in football? Thousands of our fans who regularly go to the matches in Kiev and due to which Dynamo is the most visited Ukraine team?

I can’t find the answers to these questions. They simply do not! In a situation when it is necessary to jointly seek a way out of difficult situation when it is necessary to develop a common strategy for combating negative phenomena, we have just no one hears and wants to hear.

No one can clearly explain how can I close the home arena of “Dynamo” for the probable (still under investigation) violations at an away stadium? What is the logic behind this decision? Whether there are similar precedents? I can give you examples, when violations of the team was punished by the closure of the outbound sector, but now the situation turned on its head.

I will not discuss the financial component of this case. We are used that our fines contains the bureaucracy of the Association, then for us nothing new. I want to focus on the key point: for the football club “Dynamo” fans are the main value. Our team plays for them. They give us strength and emotions. And then gathered a few of the officials raised their hands and their vote stripped the football the main thing – the spectators in the stands. Even for one match.

It is one hundred percent biased solution with respect to both the team and its fans. Look at the rostrum of the Ukrainian stadiums are almost empty. Instead of trying to solve this problem, the UAF does everything that the matches don’t have to go. And the pace they will achieve!

Football club “Dinamo” will appeal this decision and will fight for the right of their fans to support the team in the stadium. It is our duty and we will do everything to make the fans of “Dynamo” remained without the game, and the team was left without their support.

Our club will defend the principles of zero tolerance to any discrimination in football. In particular, deprivation of the right of fans to support their favorite team, just because someone does not want to follow logic and common sense.

– When we talk about the social component of the activities of the club, it is known that a Dynamo is involved in the charity helps soldiers ATO, etc. This is a conscious policy of the club or situational phenomenon?

For all the time I am the President of “Dynamo”, we always participated in charity events and help children. Just don’t always advertise it. The club at different times helped a variety of children’s programs supported by the Fund for the blind, buy hearing AIDS for children with hearing problems, we have for many years supported the Fund assistance to victims of the accident at the Chernobyl NPP under the auspices of FC Dynamo Kyiv football veterans, help to solve their health problems and never its not throw in trouble.

Now in our country there is a war. And football club “Dynamo” (Kiev) cannot separate themselves from the Ukrainian society. Club policy and philosophy in this matter is simple: to help our soldiers is a duty, not a desire or wish “Dynamo” to do something. We helped, help and will help those who suffered in the fighting and in need of support. This point is not even discussed, for the club it’s an honor!

This is not a one-time event, it’s ongoing support for the wounded who are in the Kiev military hospital. I personally, and all structures of the club understand the value of helping our men who have suffered in this war. God grant that such suffering was less and less.

The situation in the country is that we can’t separate football from events. Our commitment and desire to help people in such a moment does not depend on the results of the first team. Dynamo is a brand of national importance, and if our example will be followed by other people or organizations, then it will be a big step forward.

– Dynamo is much criticism and on television, and the Internet. There are criticisms of a constructive nature, but there is frankly baseless criticism, without trying to understand what is happening and without taking into account objective factors. How You personally hurt such attacks? Whether you’re trying to make useful information out of criticism of the club and the team?

– Dynamo are the real fans. There are people who in the heat and cold come to the stadium and support the team. Support, when we win and when we lose. They understand what is happening and sorrow do not make insults towards the team. Definitely, the opinion of these people I have to listen. As the President of “Dynamo”, I have no right to ignore constructive criticism and wishes of real fans of the team.

But I’ll never listen to those pseudobalistes, not to the stadium do not go, and basically almost never watch matches of “Dynamo” does not want to analyze the situation and know nothing of what is happening on the field. They give a huge amount of advice on how everything should be fixed and how everything should be organized.

If the club is hard – so come and help. No advice on the Internet, but something concrete and serious. For 25 years, we are in the club, nobody came and said, “Let me help investment in the club.” Or presented a specific program of action, not mere slogans.

Every day I see employees of the club, which are laid out in full and help Dynamo to develop. These people are working in the club for many years and are doing everything to Dynamo moved forwards.

But just as I see and former employees of the club, which we had on the first cast, and now in the air the “friendly” TV channels compete to see who hurts the prick “Dynamo” and who is stronger will criticize the team, even when there is a game, and the result.

Frankly, I have all these important judgmental attacks do not hurt. I don’t care about these conversations, because my conscience is absolutely clean. When the situation was favorable, I did everything to Dynamo progressed and won. When the country came the war, when the economic situation deteriorated – I have been doing everything for the team and the club existed and remained at a high level.

I had a lot of reasons and preconditions for that in the times of the fifth President of Ukraine to drop everything and leave the club without support. But we continue to Fund Dynamo, are continuing to invest in the development of the club, the implementation of social and charity projects. Our goal is progress, “Dynamo”, it steps forward in all directions. We took on more responsibility, not only in the sports sector.

– You have been watching the home games of “Dinamo” on the podium all alone. Why?

– I don’t want someone distracted and don’t want to “reward” your nervous impulses. Every Dynamo, no matter the level of competition or the importance of the match, I passed through himself. I experience within myself the emotions of the match, everything that happens on the field.

At the time, I a lot of games on the bench for the Dynamo next to the Valeriy Lobanovskiy and I want to say that there is a real electric chair. When you see a few meters away from yourself when you live what is happening on the field, and close to a heart attack.

For 18 years of your presidency, are there any achievements Dynamo, which you are particularly proud of or are there?

– Achievements of the first team or my personal achievements will not discuss – this judge let the fans and the journalists.

As for pride, it is the people with whom I worked. The same Andrei Shevchenko, the club in time sold to Milan and he became one of the best players in the world. The same Andriy Yarmolenko, who is 16-year-old boys have signed Dynamo contract here in this very room.

Yarmolenko, who came and said that at the time he was expelled from school “Dynamo”, but he vowed that he would return to the team. And I kept it! Not offended, did not run in the same “miner” who had invited him, and he entered at 16 years of age as a Mature and reasonable man. And he grew into that man, a true leader of the team. Of course, when your eyes boys become responsible and considerate men, it’s a great reason for pride. Especially if this formation is your contribution.

I can name a lot of people, which I am proud. In “Dynamo” has played and worked a lot of decent people, decent professionals who have grown up before our eyes that have become figures on a national scale.

Over these 18 years we have had many joyful moments have been winning the titles. There were negative moments, including, in terms of the result. But I want to say everything that I’ve done over the years, it was in the interest and for the benefit of the club. I was honest with Dynamo, honest to the fans, put their heart and years of his life to this club develop and win. And not only on the football field.

After the interview Igor Surkis addressed the Dynamo fans, urging them not to lose faith in their favorite team.

“In “the Dynamo” it is necessary to believe and to stay optimistic. This team deserves your support in any situation, for any opponent, and in any weather.

Your support, your faith in “Dinamo” give us all extra strength. The players on the field, and the leadership of the club in an effort to make Dynamo better. We will continue to work, continue to invest in the development of the club, will continue to produce young talented players who will bring the team and fans a big win.

All at the club hope that in Ukraine the war is over, what will come of economic development and it would be beneficial for the situation with professional football. We expect and believe that our championship will once again have more intrigue that his level will improve noticeably.

We really want to get people back to the stadiums and even in matches against outsiders would go tens of thousands of fans.

We believe in improving the economic situation in the country, believe that the current President will be able to end the war and give the opportunity for development. As the whole country, and football.

Believe in the “Dynamo”! Football without the fans there, and we count on your support, not only from the TV screens. Dynamo deserves your eyes and heart on the stadium even if the team is going through hard times. Believe in us and Dynamo will respond to this full commitment and desire to win!”.


Today the President of FC “Dynamo” (Kiev) Igor Surkis celebrates 61 years. “SE” joins the numerous congratulations!