Igor Lastochkin – the winner of the show “dancing with the stars 2018”: the biography of showman

Igor Lastochkin – Ukrainian showman, actor, comedian. In 2016, the host of “Laugh comedian”. Is married, raising 4-year-old son. 25 Nov live channel 1 + 1 has won in the show “dancing with the stars 2018” with the dancer Ilona Gvozdeva.

Biography Of Igor Lastochkin

Famous comedian and humorist born November 21, 1986 in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan. Starting with the first class Igor was involved in many cultural activities. In 10 years, a teenager for the first time faced a difficult financial situation in the family, and despite his young age, he began to work as a waiter and porter at the gas station pumped gasoline, baked cakes which were sold on the market.

After graduation, guy moved with his mother to the Ukraine and enrolled at the National metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Dnieper. At first he was going to work in the oil industry, but after a while realized that it was not his mission in life. Swallow received a diploma and began a career in KVN.

The initial Comedy job Igor had to play a frightened human. He admitted that he then was so nervous before the performance that the play scared him was very easy. It was after this role, the comedian immediately became popular.

Igor Lastochkin became very popular in Ukraine

Igor often took part in the teams “Plus 5” and “Steel project”, and in 2008, he joined the ranks of the team “national Team of Dnepropetrovsk”. Swallow was a writer and actor performances. His debut performance took place in Sochi at the “Wailing Kivine 2010”, where he acted as team captain.

They came just before the semi-finals, but Konstantin Ernst, said “national Team of Dnepropetrovsk”, the team participated in the special program “KVN – 52”. Therefore, since 1997, in the final of the Higher League has played the Ukrainian team. Dividing the finale in second place with the “national Team kamyzyakskogo edge by KVN”, the team became Vice-champion of the Higher League 2013.

In 2013 he takes part in the Ukrainian series 95-quarter “Krajina” on the TV channel TET, in which the actors are prominent artists from different teams of KVN. Thumbnail “Igor and Elena”, which played up the relationship between husband and wife, became very popular.

Igor Swallows the winner of the show “dancing with the stars 2018”

In 2015, Igor Lastochkin became coach of the show “the League of laughter.” In the second season of the project, swallow was the winner. And in 2016, Igor with Yuri Gorbunov shared the first place of the third championship of Ukraine on humor League of Laughter, bringing the debutant of the championship Cup.

In the same year, the comedian became a judge of the show “Laugh comedian” and with this task the artist was successful in ensuring the transfer of excellent rating. Charismatic comedian was loved by the audience, among which there were even more fans.

2017 Igor is involved in two Ukrainian projects: “Hotel “Galicia”, which combines Comedy and mystical genres and “Games fun”. Humorous and entertaining show broadcast on the Ukrainian TV channel 1+1 production belongs to the Studio “Quarter-95” and “Drive Production”. In 2018, Igor took over from Anita Lutsenko to participate in the second season updated the legendary dance show “Dancing with the stars.”

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Good morning! Can’t sleep… what to do?#wounds in #Kiev #tanzsprache #swallow #irongustav photographed @rostickdesign

Does, polirani Igor (@lastochkin_igor) 11 GOV R. 2018 11:28 PDT

Personal life

Wife Ukrainian comedian became the Subject of Anna, born in may 1986, the formation of a financier. They met by chance in the dormitory, and after five years of relationship Igor decided to make a proposal to your and married. Wedding couples was held on 3 June 2011. Three years later, on 1 April 2014, Igor Lastochkin became the happy father of a firstborn son called Radmir. The family entertainer lived in the town of Kamenskoye, Igor worked in Kiev and Moscow, so I lived in three cities. Now Swallow live in Kiev.

I don’t really like to live in Kiev – a large concentration of people, cars, factories, dumps. Here you can get depressed very quickly. If you have the opportunity to live outside the city – to do it,
noted humorist.

Wife quite often involved in productions of her husband, so you can see the performance of the pair on stage in a duet. A showman, boldly conquered the territory of Ukrainian television and most of the fans, creating a gorgeous and funny sketches, skits and jokes, which cause sincere smiles on their faces.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

A couple of young guys lalalalalalala))) wee in the garden – there is a time to stay in silence!!! all good mood have a good day!#swallow

Does, polirani Igor (@lastochkin_igor) 4 GOV 2018 R. 1:48 PDT

26 Nov comedian won the show “dancing with the stars 2018” with the dancer Ilona hammer. In the final project, they competed with such dance couples as Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Ezhov, who took the second place project, and Irakli Makatsaria and Jana Hare, who took third place.

Interesting facts about Igor Lastochkin:

– loves Quad Biking, Cycling, Windsurfing, running and swimming;

– wants to play a real role in a feature film;

– favorite game – paintball;

– do not drink alcohol since College days.

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