I was threatened that if I change the country – will give a three year disqualification, Paul korostylev

The continuation of a conversation with a member of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, shooting. In the second part of the interview Paul talked about the change of citizenship, the girl first Olympic games, winning Olympic licenses and the competition among the military.

The first part of the interview about why does shooting, permanent injury, outfits, rebuild and home – link.

– What do You do shooting if it doesn’t bring income?
The machine already have. We collected it in 2011, for 4-5 years. It seems that a short period of time, everyone would be so. But really my parents took the card, everything’s been pushed back all the prize. I have this money had no access. If it was necessary, “Mom, get”, “dad, give me the money.” When it came that I am 18 years old and have the rights, then bought the car.

In the team I say you me no scare, because it makes no sense. The seller of panties on the market earns more. Now I can go and have more. Do not tell me that I have a free schedule, I practiced doing nothing. It depends on the relationship to work.

We get paid per diem at the event. If it is an international departures, then 20-25 euros per day. Is and for 14 euros. If in Ukraine – 250-300 UAH. My friends came from another city, they pay for a hotel “Lviv”. There is constant bugs, the Breakfast is, but bad. And then on 300 hryvnias have lunch and dinner. This is not enough. Because if you do, and you have 4-5 times to eat. We get paid the amount you eat. Once, however, was much worse. Took the “Mivina”, a stick of sausage, two loaves of bread, a pack of ketchup, and sit and eat. I tried to save a little per diem, because the salaries were small and we still home for something to live. And I want to postpone.

– Important any edge to shoot?
I don’t care. At me is not affected. It can only affect people who keep fixating on that.

– When the parents, the coaches, the training continues at home?
– If a question about trips, competitions, visits, talks continue at home. Regarding the training process, we do not speak at home. Max to determine the time at which we go and what we will do. Whole day talking to dash about bullet shooting, gun, therefore, need to get home not to talk.

– How to work with coach Alexander Kaminsky?
– When he was the coach of our group, it was felt that there is a pressure constant control. He could say, to stand two hours on the spot and shoot and do not care. If someone sits down, then began the “educational” conversations. And when he became the main team, it just comes and makes a to-do list. In competition or training he can stop me when I start to get nervous and talk.

– There is doping in shooting?
– We constantly check on the European and world Championships, the world Cup. There are many drugs that are prohibited to take. This soothing and nasal sprays.

– How to be an athlete-a person?
In the beginning I didn’t like shooting so treated. Now, when you win, then a minute or two can be happy and have fun.

– If You are phlegmatic, something where emotions, nerves?
– When you shoot, you can feel that with the gun something is wrong. Bad shot gets.

– Did You change citizenship?
– Not offered, but lately I’ve been interested in this issue. Went, asked. I thought I was useless. When I started to go and ask the coaches that want to move, what to do, they were shocked. Immediately began to think about what to pick up. Thought that nobody comes and asks because I’m useless. But when they heard my problem… I think I’m getting fat.

– What country is it?
– There are options, but no specific proposal was made.

– If there is a specific offer, then You are ready to play for another country?
For good conditions. Not that I come, and I have nowhere to live. On your salary, and twist as you want. We have athletes who went. Shooting one in Qatar went, just to make money. Now he’s back and performing again.

I was threatened that if I change country, it will give me three years of disqualification. Yes, even five. I was there for two years discourage that here could earn in three. I’m not lost, I find something to do.

– Are you a maximalist?
– It is very distracting because you’re constantly thinking about winning and not shooting. If I start something to do, and we need to follow to perfect, or nearly so.

– You have experience shooting in a mixed pair…
– It was fun. Sometimes, I worried that my bad shooting affect the partner. Now do not worry. The main thing to show average and above the result.

– Your girlfriend also shoots. How and where did we meet?
– At the event. But it was so: “Hello”, “PA-PA”. Then during the championship of Ukraine on SKA exchanged a few words. On 12 March it was two years since we meet. I half years no one met. After a previous relationship said well it…

I liked her much. She told me that her friend said if we don’t together and not suitable. And she began to prove that it is not. It all started when she was 16 years old. She began to write. I didn’t know what to do. Moreover, it is of the Dnieper, and is God knows where from the city.

In the beginning I just wrote to her. Asked a friend about it. He said that we need to meet that good girl. Now, if you argue, then I friend say it was his fault. She is now moved to the city, and we rent.

– Do You have any superstitions?
– This type need a place to scratch that all was well? No! There was one athlete before, all fled before the competition and sat, something was configured, and then lost. I can listen to music because I’m bored to exercise.

– Tell us a funny story about training or competition about yourself?
– It was in Serbia. I was the third and went to the podium first. All hugs, taking pictures, is a team. Decided to pop up and not OK to climb. It turned out that the pedestal on wheels, I flew, and fell on my right wrist. But I was later told that I was not alone was such. Some girl jumped and another three feet around.

– Twice recognized as the athlete of the year in the Lviv region in 2018. It is only a certificate and a statuette or cash rewards?
From Knock I got two or three thousand hryvnias. But on the field nothing but a statuette. Such recognition is nice, but…

– You used to have long hair. Why cut?
– I am a soldier, I was forced to. It is not like a haircut. But when they started to say that we need to go to your sister say, turn on the machine and cut it by three.

– You won the first of Ukraine a license for the Olympic games 2020. How to react to this?
– It’s a shame. I had the money to go and failed. This is the second license for me, and both won anyway, somehow through the back door. When, in 2014 began to play license, I went to the competition, tried. This effort I just dropped below. Came to European games, even forgot about the license and that it is also possible to take it. Got to the final with the third result and thought that you could take the award. And after that thought began to sink. Took fifth place. Came out disappointed, and I congratulate all with the license. Here I knew that the first four will get it, but don’t get hung up on it.

– After the 2016 Olympics was a disappointment?
– I had to be in the final. Still don’t believe that because the gun did not pass the final. Worked faster than it should, but the battery did not recharge. Incidentally, the company that made this gun, came to see what had happened. The gun was made for another exercise, and then this “invalid” does not know what he is, and even in the finale can get. Everyone was disappointed, the coach had tears nakatulog, and I have all gone, no feelings were not.

– What is the goal set for ourselves in Tokyo 2020?

Know that iPhones will be given to athletes. This is important. The prize is not bad, but the problem in them. The athlete who came back, but haven’t had victories, but here you can win more than 100 thousand dollars from the state. This thought is constantly in my head and bothers to prepare and to shoot well.

Considering I already have a license, may refuse launches?
– Now in India did not go. In 2017 I was there, but I did not like. There is a good tyre, and a hotel and everything. We drove them on the bus, on the way people walk, cars drive, is unclear (there is one rule “honk if someone is not right”), cows grazing in the waste.

India is the most impressed of the countries visited?
– The best country is Switzerland. Worst, India or Brazil. In the preOlympic week we lived in a hotel on the seafront. Everything seems cool, but a big crime. In broad daylight they steal the phones and break chains. Our athletes have stole stuff on the beach (shirt and shorts).

– What is your dream or goal?
– Like to each event to bring rewards.

– What or who motivates you?
– No one and nothing. Now everything is in one place: tyre, no, the team has not all clear, the problems with trips to military competition.

– What are the problems with the competitions for the military?
I don’t know how these people are related to sports. Came to the competition in Switzerland. I’m sick. Went to part 3 or 4 nights. All the type of trainers go to sleep, and I send the Swiss to the doctor. Well that Switzerland is a cool country and they have people multilingual. At 4 am in the infirmary I looked around. A very sore throat. Fully checked out, took a swab and after 15 minutes said to me, and given medication. After 3 days, was healthy.

The next day we had to go to check the weapons and sighting. Went to the buses. I had a temperature of 39 found a bus by myself to check, and there is only one coach goes, and not the pistol. Came to check, and the gun does not fit. The coach, who was supposed to be with me, no. Started looking for him. Once all decided.

Found how to get to the other tyre, but already there is my sighting. Where to get don’t know no coach, our athletes too. Sat in the sun and watched others shoot. Then came Alexander Petrov (champion in shooting at the Olympic games in Beijing 2008 – approx. ed.) and helped with everything. “Muzzle” appeared only when I finished the adjustment. What is to come? After these events said that I will no longer ride.

– The most valuable medal?
– At the Youth Olympic games. Everything was very nice organized, I had the opening and closing ceremonies were. Still won. Then I had the most powerful form.

– It is important for You to set new records?
– I don’t mind. Know that somewhere out there is my target, and need to get into the top ten.

12 strange questions to Paul Korostyleva:

You parents paid for the training?
– Of course. First one workout 1 hryvnia. Later 2 of the hryvnia. And when prices rose, 5 hryvnia, but it was not long. Began to pay 50 and 100 hryvnia for training, and for victory and medals in the Championships of Ukraine.

– What are willing to trade Olympic gold?
For anything. To me it does not matter.

– Had a star fever?
Was, but not for long. When we were given special cases under the arms, came to the office of the father. At this time he was doing someone a gun, sat three friends. I walked in, said I need to cut the gun. Came out and thought, this is me “moron”. Then first think what you are doing. In this she ended.

Shot from the fighting weapon?
– No. But we have a revolver TOZ-49, there so “fuck”.

– How old was the gun that was shot?
– Oh, that’s interesting! I shot 74 or 76 of the year of manufacture.

– Took a course of the young fighter before signing a contract with the APU?
Yes. He said that if you want to I took a course, it should be on normal. It was fun, hard though. But first there was a week. Then I had competition, and then another week.

– Often detain criminals?
Only once.

– English language already learned?
– I never directed not taught. But always in competition in an environment where English, so at a conversational level know.

– Often violate traffic rules?
– Gross violations there. A little speeding is.

Who shoots better sister or girlfriend?
I do not know. It’s hard to compare a rifle and a pistol.

– What started a page in social networks?
– In FB started, it was necessary to play games on the phone to get the bonus. And then signed that I Paul korostylev, put a photo and “it went”.

– The most obscure (or banal) question from journalists?
– Ask how many years engaged in shooting, it’s not that annoying, but this is necessary to know. When something is won and been two days, came the journalists, then asked the same thing, how overcome fear, and so on.

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