“I was the victim of a conspiracy”: the former head of Renault-Nissan Carlos gon told about his arrest

The former head of Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi was recently arrested for the fourth time, however, he managed to get in touch with the media. In his speech, he once again stated he is innocent and “will not break”.

Japanese police re-arrested the former boss of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, who is charged with financial fraud and misappropriation of funds of the company. However, even in prison, Carlos Ghosn is actively fighting with the enemy. Real or imaginary.

Carlos Ghosn planned to hold a press conference on April 11. In it, he promised to “reveal the whole truth about his arrest and the charges of financial fraud”. But the next day he was arrested again in Tokyo. But this did not prevent the Rut to broadcast an appeal, albeit with the help of video recordings, not live communication.

The video was made before his last arrest on April 4. Lawyer Carlos Ghosn announced that the video was removed because of concerns that prosecutors would not allow a press conference of the Gon, is scheduled for April 11.

Former Director General says that certain people in Nissan (read the guide) felt the threat of an Alliance with Renault, seeing it as a loss of independence and autonomy of the Nissan. It supposedly was the reason for persecution.

“This is not a story of greed, is the story of a conspiracy to treason,” says Ghosn. The next arrest he calls “outrageous outrage” and considers it another attempt of certain people from Nissan to silence him, having misled prosecutors. Carlos Ghosn says that the new arrest is another attempt to break his spirit. “I will not break,” he says.

Photo: Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi began restructuring, in the photo – the new leadership: Bollore, Senar, Saikawa, Masuko / Nissan

Gon called the names of those whom he blames for his arrest, but this information, the lawyers were removed from the roller to ascertain the circumstances and to the safety of the accused.

Now, Carlos Ghosn is in prison Tokyo on preliminary charges of money laundering, misappropriation of company funds and the use of official position for personal gain. As head of the Renault it’s already been made, and recently the Board of Directors of Nissan made the decision on the resignation of Gon.

Gun charges can be filed until April 14. All the time he will spend in prison, the period may be extended for another ten days at the request of prosecutors.

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