I thought they know how to count, – the Minister of national defence of Poland criticized the Russian foreign Ministry

The Minister of national defence of Poland, Anthony Macierewicz accused the Russian foreign Ministry in spreading false information about the number of American troops stationed on the territory of his state.
So, Russia declared that in the framework of operation Atlantic resolve in Poland is not a team, as a whole division of US troops. The Polish Minister, in turn, rejected accusations by the Russian Ministry of defense, calling them “false ideas about a situation”, – informs Rzeczpospolita.
I must say that this information is not very serious and introduces the company misleading. In truth, I thought that the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation can be considered the best soldiers, which are placed on the Eastern flank of NATO. They in no way represent the division, but if we look at the Russian troops concentrated on the Eastern flank of NATO (…), they are much more than a few divisions, said Macierewicz, pointing out that during doctrines “the West-2017” in Belarus there are more than 120 thousand Russian military, and it is much more than one division.
The Minister also stressed that the battalions of American soldiers are based in Poland exclusively for defensive purposes, and his country, like Romania or the Baltic States, have every right to defend itself against “aggressive activity of the Russian Federation”.
“Russia occupies the part of European countries, is the aggressor and the aggression in each stage increases, and to justify the aggression, it creates a false, fake news on the subject of our actions, which are solely defensive in nature”, – was indignant, Macarevich.

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