“I never said that this was not” – the lawyer trump made a statement in collusion with Russia

The lawyer of the President of the USA Rudy Giuliani can’t vouch that someone was not collusion with Russia during the election campaign of 2016. Photo – TSN

Personal lawyer of the President of the USA Rudy Giuliani admits that during the presidential election campaign 2016 someone from the team of Donald trump could be in collusion with Russia. At the same time stressed that this does not apply to the President himself.

“I never said that there was no collusion with the staff or with the staff. But there is not the slightest hint of evidence that the President of the United States has committed at least one crime,” – said the lawyer of the head of state, reports CNN.

He also said he was not familiar with any of the presidential team who would work with Russia.

The day before trump said that “never worked for Russia.”

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The question of when trump and his election team with Russia arose after the publication of The New York Times a message saying that the FBI is after the dismissal of the President Bureau Director James Comey beginning the investigation of possible links trump with Russia.

Then The Washington Post published an article stating that trump hides the content of their conversations Russian President Vladimir Putin, and took his interpreter notes that he led during the negotiations, trump and Putin at a meeting in Hamburg in 2017.

Spectacular Robert Mueller is investigating the allegations about the alleged attempt of the Russian authorities to influence the presidential elections of 2016 in the United States.

Trump and his aides have repeatedly rejected suspicions of any improper contacts with officials of the Russian Federation during the election campaign. Moscow is also many times refuted the allegation of trying to influence the American elections.

The President of the United States Donald trump expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the investigation of RF interference in the American elections in 2016, which makes spectacular Robert Mueller continues.


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