“I injected insulin, which it is contraindicated”: the invaders in the Crimea do not know how to treat Bekirova

Crimean Tatar activist Eden Bekirova, who is accused of illegal possession of explosives and ammunition, give contraindicated medications.

This was stated by the daughter of Eleanor Bekirova, reports the Crimean human rights group.

According to her, the first day in the hospital of Simferopol Eden Bakirov held in the hallway. Then he was transferred to the Department of endocrinology.

To lower the sugar he was given insulin. It did, though insulin it is contraindicated because it will affect the heart. In addition to diabetes and an amputated leg, another four shunt in the heart,
– said the daughter of Bekir.

Now Eden Bekirov is in the special block of the prison. The lawyers gave the family a list of drugs that a man needs to convey.

The conclusion of doctors from Simferopol on the status of the Bekirova will be ready on January 21.


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