I can move hands, Diana first told about your condition

Russian singer Diana Arbenina, who recently got in a French hospital with a heart attack, he first addressed his supporters. The corresponding message she posted on his page in Instagram.

The soloist of group “Night snipers” admitted that he is still in hospital under medical supervision. Now Diana is feeling much better, and her life is not in danger.

Unexpected hospitalization with a heart attack forced the artist to rethink your lifestyle. Diana noted that frequent moves could cause a deterioration in her health. Therefore, the star promised that in the future there will be more to take care of themselves. In addition, she thanked all supporters for a lot of online support.

Friends, all who wrote me all these days, who worried about me and were worried, very thank you. I’m touched. I’m better, I can move my arms and legs. Do not forget that the life of the musician consists of flights, transfers, change of time zones. Failed a little body. But I promise to agree with heart, head, will try to protect themselves,
– said Diana.

It is worth noting that the video the soloist of group “Night snipers” recorded in the hospital. In front of the camera she appeared in a white jacket over a black t-shirt and hat.

Pereglyanulis to Tsey does in Instagram

Does, polirani Diana Arbenina (@d_arbenina_official) 19 Sich 2019 R. 3:13 PST

What happened with Diana Arbenina?

Yesterday, January 18, it became known that the Russian singer Diana Arbenina is unexpectedly hospitalized. It happened during her holiday in France. Fans of the actress immediately suggested that the singer of the band “Night snipers” could be injured at a ski resort. Subsequently, however, the Russian media found out that the doctors diagnosed celebrity heart attack.

According to representatives of Diana Arbenina, heart attack lasted 16 hours. Artist complained of chest pain this morning, but not first appealed for help to the doctors. Only a few hours later the soloist of “Night snipers” came to the hospital.

The attack lasted 16 hours. Until now, doctors could not completely remove the pain, although the condition of the actress, fortunately, is stabilized. Threat of life,
– told the PR-Manager of singer Mary Kochel.

While the star is in no hurry to cancel scheduled concerts. At the same time, Diana decided to undergo testing in France.

Diana Arbenina and UkraineIn 2012-2013 Diana Arbenina participated in the Ukrainian entertainment project. The actress was the star coach on “the Voice of the country”. In July 2014 Diana with the group “Night snipers” made in Kiev. From the stage, the actress apologized to the Ukrainians for their colleagues, supported an aggressive policy of the Russian Federation. After that, the star has canceled concerts in Russia and openly refused performances in the Crimea. However, in June of 2015, she broke their statements, appearing on the stage of the occupied Peninsula.

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