“I already urzhatsya all”: Zelensky compared with serial bear Waldo

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“Black mirror”, by definition, screenwriter Charlie Brooker, is just a satire on the common in the modern society lifestyle. The main theme of any unrelated series already released five seasons – the impact on human relations information technologies.

Striking similarities of what is happening around Zelensky information noise with the plot of the 3rd series of the 2nd season of “Black mirror” (it’s called “the Waldo Moment”) was the first noted political and PR consultant Irina Serova. PhD in law from Kiev recommends that each fellow who considers himself “bilingual” political technologies, just to review “The Waldo Moment”.

Brief contents of this the third series: the actor has long had problems with employment, once “caught his role”. His ability to articulate on the screen the cartoon blue bear Waldo has decided to use to discredit a politician, who wants to deputies. Actor at every public appearance of the intended “victims” constantly spews swear words, or makes obscene sounds. Of course, “for fun”, because personally opposed the policy has nothing.

And here bear Waldo jokingly suggesting the role … rival real policy, declaring him a candidate for the same office. Suddenly Waldo gaining a mad rating, which is becoming a favorite race. He even noticed in Washington.

The owners of the copyright on the image not existing in the real world bear reasonably fall into euphoria. They are offered for so little money after winning the elections in the UK is profitable to sell the technology to South America. And then around the world.

The basic requirement not to bother the spectators there are some serious party statutes, theses and programmes. Rate “on the lumpen, but in order not to scare away middle class” (quote from the show – ed.).

Actor, a man of conscience, struggling to resist such a blatant deception. But his employer does not want to hear about some sort of mental anguish. The project’s promises millions in profits!..

Voice-actor involved in the debate. Instead of answering serious and direct questions of the candidate-the opponent Waldo screams, publishes indecent sounds and displays a own genitalia. The public (not just the young one) – bursts of applause at every dirty joke, laughs out loud, much to the dismay set up in a serious political debate politics. The rating of the bear, sure thing, is growing even higher.

Going into a rage, Waldo begins to yell at the policy: “I support the people, and do you think the people and the cattle and called them idiots?!”. Despite the obvious distortion of words of the candidate, the audience gives him a new wave of applause.

A couple of quotes:

– How can you vote for a non-existent cartoon character? Him to decide your fate!

– Ah… well, Waldo is so… cool! I already urzhatsya all! I’ll vote for him!

Waldo wins one victory after another. Even after voicing his actor tries to reason with the utterly lost the sense of reality of the audience-voters. At the command of the copyright owner, with little success, to learn to mimic the “original” voice of Waldo, the main character “at the request of the bear” brutally beaten on the street and he gets to the hospital. Forgotten and useless.

The technology successfully conquers others.

Showman Vladimir Zelensky was just the perfect performer “the Ukrainian Waldo”. In Jurmala… he even played the piano own reproductive organs. Discerning local audience of member countries of the EU acclaimed seen just “witty” number “95 quarter”

None of the previous campaigns for the elections to the Verkhovna Rada or President technology “would not go”. For its successful application needs a number of factors: at least a minimum “Hagatna advancement” of the electorate, and the growing discontent of the people domestic economic problems (what, what, and in Ukraine in abundance!..), finally, jaded monotonous and ultimately false promises of homegrown politicians. Like, “…I will end the war in the Donbass in two weeks” or “…every Ukrainian soldier on the front line of fire will get a day for 1 thousand hryvnias”. Both given sentences of presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko after 5 years after their sound remained “not materialized”. Ukrainian military and civilians continue to die in the Eastern regions of the Republic. The monetary allowance being on the “front line”, that is on the front lines, indeed recently raised to a thousand hryvnia per day; but it’s not the money that was in 2014, they have until April 2019 to 3 times managed to depreciate.

“The war between Zelensky and Poroshenko in fact is not, – said political consultant Irina Serova. – Is working and the war with technology that is not fully understood and even the creatives don’t understand how it could mutate. But they still…”.

Applied by officers Vladimir Zelensky “British technology” the experienced spin doctors from the camp of Petro Poroshenko is unlikely to win. Because use standard methods of politicians and technologists “classic old school”.

Something, according to Irina Serova, at the headquarters of Poroshenko, apparently began to understand. After a furious popular movie Zelensky, who offered to hold a debate on 70-thousand stadium, and before them to be tested for the presence in the body of alcohol and drugs, Poroshenko “took the challenge”. And in all seriousness went to doctors of the National sports complex “Olympic” to donate blood and other biological materials.

Vladimir Zelensky in front of the cameras skillfully played “tests”… the actor who previously appeared in the series produced by Zelensky. The actor even tried to use before blood and veins of the harness, drawing the upper arm. Introduced results have been submitted April 5, the analysis was dated… April 2. The nurses had tried to justify the error of his inattention. Although the state of the art private lab is using technology completely eliminates the “human factor”. Drive incorrect date impossible.

While supporters of Poroshenko together criticize the candidate-the opponent for cheating with the tests,” he continues to openly make fun of them. For even if the selection of biomaterials was not fun and in the body of a showman really would have found traces of the use of “coke” – the number of fans Zelensky hasn’t diminished!

The leader of the race continues to amaze the masses deliberately unprofessional judgments in the field of politics, economy, education. “Hero of the day” not too upset. Chosen for his staff the strategy is a win – win!

“Technology – continues to Irina Serova – will be to constantly upgrade. First understand it will participants of the autumn parliamentary elections on their skins like nobody’s business. Those who are not ready will perish”.

As have informed “MK”, now a political party “servant of the people”, matching the name with the series, providing his protagonist teacher Goloborodko (played by Vladimir Zelensky) the image of the “ideal candidate in the fathers of the Ukrainian Nation,” the sole leader in all the carried out in the Republic opinion polls. The party itself is actually a virtual…

… In 1993, the percentage of the population of Ukraine, one way or another positioned himself with some of the political parties was 2%.

After the dramatic events of 2013-2014, the death in the center of Kiev “heavenly hundred” the number of politically active citizens of Ukraine has increased. up to 5% of the total population.

The rest of the events in the country quite interesting.

Says politekspert Ostap Drozdov, Ukrainians to this day has not emerged as a political nation. As proof of this thesis Drozdov gives the following statistics: while 5 percent of his fellow citizens looking stream from Independence square in February 2014, when the security forces conducted anti-terrorist operation and the unknown calmly shot the unarmed participants of the protest action – a “gangster series” production of the Russian Federation on the leading TV channel has gained over 30% rating…

– Gradual lumpenization and mental debilitation of the Ukrainian population, concludes Irina Serova – a direct consequence and not started since Ukraine gained in 1991, the independence of the systematic and almost propagandistic communication with the people.

Therefore desperate attempts of the environment of Petro Poroshenko to catch up in the remaining two and a half weeks missed for nearly three decades, in fact, doomed.

People are still more confidence to the heroes of a TV screen and cool characters, than system policies.

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