Hundreds of people, flowers and lamps: Poltava has honored the deceased teenager

Photo: Yury IVANOV

Today, January 8, at 11:30 in the center of Poltava near the Small Academy of arts has gathered hundreds of people to honor the memory of Artem Levchenko. 2 months ago this place got hit by a car. Yesterday the guy died without leaving a coma.

On a tragedy place was visited by the journalist

Poltava came with flowers and toys to support the family of the deceased teenager. And to draw public attention to the resonance of the accident.
Svetlana Petrushina brought the oil lamp in memory of the deceased.

“I have a son Nikita skated with Artem on the bike before the tragedy. Can’t hold back the tears. In its place could be any child. Want the culprit punished,” – said Svetlana Petrushina.

Supported on shares the family of the dead guy and the neigbour Natalia.

“I know Artem personally. He was polite and a good boy. Hope that evil will be punished,” the woman added.

The people demanded the law enforcement authorities a quick and objective investigation of the case. It therefore blocked the main road.
The shares were poltavchanka Elena Semchenko – the driver with the experience. Says that at a speed of 40 km/h this could not happen. Afraid that it can “hush up”.

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“My older daughter goes to this crosswalk every day. This prompted me to come to share. We don’t know whose child will be next,” says Semchenko.

The law and order during the action was watched by patrol police. At the rally attended by community activists, who demanded from law enforcement agencies to call on the scene, the police and prosecutors. People say they will protest until you see the reactions to their requests.

November 6, around 14:10 in the center of Poltava SUV Mercedes-Benz was hit by Artem Levchenko, who was riding a Bicycle next to a sign “Caution children”. Then the victim was taken to the Poltava regional clinical hospital in serious condition. All the time the guy was in a coma. On 7 January he died, without regaining consciousness.

Immediately after the accident, an unidentified man removed the license plates from the vehicle and the Registrar through the night brought the police.

During this time, the Oktyabrsky district court of Poltava seized the DVR Falcon Mercedes-Benz and the memory card Apacer, which was in the DVR. Subsequently arrested and the car itself.

Was driving Natalia Saenko. She continues to drive around town in another car and to run a business. Companies associated with the family Saenko: the barbershop, “Dolores”, restaurants Woka, TAU and “Tele pizza”.

Before entering the Irpin, Kyiv oblast by unidentified car knocked down a man and a woman.


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