“Hundred” for 3,6 seconds: Alfa Romeo introduced the Giulia GTA sedan

“Hundred” for 3,6 seconds: Alfa Romeo introduced the Giulia GTA sedan
19:55 W, 3 March 2020, the Telegraph avtodream.org Photo: twitter a Modification Alfa Romeo Gulia GTA developed based on the top version Quadrifoglio.

The work was carried out in three directions: boost the engine power, reducing vehicle weight and optimizing aerodynamics. So, the 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 engine received performance 540 HP instead of the previous 510 HP. In addition, recalibrated 8-speed automatic transmission.

To reduce the weight of the sedan, the developers have equipped the version Gulia GTA karmicheskie brake discs, delicate 20-inch wheels and ramjet Akrapovic exhaust system with two tailpipes in the center of the back of the machine.

In addition, CFRP has done the wheel arches, front bumper and hood and roof panel. To optimize aerodynamics developed overlays on thresholds, a spoiler on the rear lid and insert in the front bumper.

The most powerful road legal Alfa Romeo yet, the Giulia GTA. The GTA gets the same twin-turbocharged 2.9 L V6 engine as the Quadrifoglio, but with 533bhp. pic.twitter.com/YCKM6DOQ4C

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Version Gulia GTA, the company introduced an even more extreme modification of the Giulia GTAm. This version got enlarged front splitter, sports front seats with 6-point safety belts and tail rear wing. Giulia GTAm weight became 100 kg lighter when compared with the Quadrifoglio sedan. First “hundred” GTAm gaining just 3.6 seconds, vs. 3.9 seconds — the base model.

Alfa Romeo in 2020 will cease to produce the smallest and most inexpensive model

It is known that the total circulation of the two versions — Gulia GTA and GTAm will be only 500 copies. In the European market is already open to accept orders for new items. Official prices are not announced yet, but according to preliminary information, they step over the mark of 115 thousand euros.

When buying such machines the customer will be awarded two helmets and a certificate for track-day in their original school Accademia di Guida.

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