Hubble again properly after a serious failure


Space telescope NASA Hubble again in the ranks – he came again into the standard operating mode after a serious hardware failure, which occurred in early January.

At the request of the Agency, 8 January failed wide angle camera Wide Field Camera 3. A hardware problem led to the fact that the telescope stopped working. Fortunately, the team was able to restart the device and return the most important probe in this operating mode.

Camera Hubble space vozobnovlyaemaya, to start again to take photos of the distant universe from 17 January. The cause of the failure become likely too high voltage levels at the limit of safe values, it knocked telemetry schemes that help to collect data from the telescope. Rebooting brought the scheme to a normal state.

The Hubble telescope will work in orbit until at least 2025 – that means its lifespan is 35 years.