Hroisman: Ukraine’s budget squeezed external debt


The press service of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine issued a statement Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, in which he lamented the undue pressure of external debt on the budget and stated the necessity of creating favourable conditions for the growth of GDP.

According to the Prime Minister, the lion’s share of external borrowings occurred for the period from 2008 to 2013. Groysman is confident that the current at the time the Ukraine authorities have done excessive debts that now hang on the budget of excessive load and inhibit change, not allowing the country and its citizens have higher salaries and pensions, better infrastructure.

“Ukraine squeezed by external debt, almost a third of the budget will go to redeem them… So the country needs professional and quality management, ensuring the growth of GDP and reducing the debt,” – said Ukrainian Prime Minister.

According Groisman, today snowny the government’s job – retention and stability in the country. And with this task successfully copes official Kiev is not the first year: “in 2016 the volume of public debt of Ukraine is steadily declining and is at a safe border,” – he concluded.

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