How without drugs to get rid of stomach ulcers


Ulcer of the stomach appears not only due to the wrong food, but also frequent stresses. Therefore, the diet for the ulcer not always help You only eat vegetables and cereals, and the disease wakes up from nerves. You should be able to relax. About it said Maria, Krachuk, capital therapist.

“Stress strain nervous system, causing spasms of muscles and blood vessels of the gastrointestinal tract. The result is a circulation disorder of the stomach, and the gastric juice begins to have a detrimental effect on the mucous membrane, which leads to the formation of ulcers.

5 ways how to get rid of ulcers:

1. At the peak of stress when a strong heartbeat and the man becomes excited, need to do a few deep breaths. They will calm.

2. Should be lying down. When it relaxes the brain and calms the body.

3. Every morning drink on an empty stomach two or three quail eggs. They help to heal the ulcers on the stomach wall. A week later the man feels relieved. Drink the eggs have three months.

4. To alleviate the situation and to extinguish the “fire” in the stomach, you should eat three times a day, and six times.

5. In the case of an olive and linseed oil, which reduce stomach acidity and regenerate the mucosa. They should be drinking on an empty stomach one teaspoon.

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Ulcer is manifested by pulling pain in the intestine. If nausea and vomiting blood, it is urgent to call an ambulance.

Running sores on the liver and intestines stop working. A person can die.

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