How will support for 5G cost Chinese smartphones

Support 5G, no doubt, has become one of the trends in the smartphone market in 2019. However, the new technology will affect the cost of new devices.

It is reported by Digitimes.

As informs a source close with the suppliers of Chinese smartphones that will be equipped with new technology, will cost 75 to 80 dollars more than the analogues without the support 5G.

It is also known that the retail price of smartphones that support 5G will be about 20% above cost. The manufacturers hope that such a price was acceptable to consumers, and will enable manufacturers to increase profitability of production of smartphones.

We already know a few Chinese flagship smartphones with support for 5G. In particular, this Vivo NEX 5G, Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix and others.

What is 5G?
This is the 5th generation of wireless systems, which provide fast transfer speeds compared to 4G. However ISPs do not run this technology.

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