How was the opening ceremony of Eurovision-2017

In Kiev, officially kicked off the Eurovision song contest. The opening ceremony of 62 song competition held yesterday. On the red carpet walked the 42 participating countries.
The red carpet stretched in front of the Mariinsky Palace from Hrushevskoho street and up to the observation deck. overlooking the left Bank. This year its a record length of 265 meters. To her left were the fans of the Eurovision song contest, and the right journalists from 42 countries.
The delegations arrived successively in alphabetical order. First on the red carpet was stepped on by the representative of Albania Lindita Halimi. Each participant had half an hour to fully clear the sidewalk. On the way the artists took pictures, chatted with reporters and singing.
The participants in awe of the Kiev and Ukrainian dishes.
Beautiful ancient town with its history. And that’s cool. I have already tried the soup. The soup is very tasty, – said the representative of Sweden Robin Bengston.
For the first time in the history of the Eurovision show will carry three men.
Further, all the delegations went to the exhibition center. On the roof of the building, the participants launched into the sky, the flags of their countries.

This was followed by a private party for participants and delegations. Without journalists. And tonight at the international exhibition center will host a dress rehearsal for the first semi-final.
The Channel 24 is the national media partner of the Eurovision-2017


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