How to use smartphone without harm to health

Scientists from the Swiss Institute of public health (Swiss TPH) has examined how smartphone use influences the brain cells. In particular, they have devoted their work to study the influence of radio waves in areas associated with memory.

In 2015, researchers have shown that prolonged use of smartphones affects memory in adolescents. In the new experiment, they doubled the sampling, inviting to participate 700 students from 12 to 17 years who are actively using smartphones for more than a year, according to the official website of Swiss TPH.

What most affects the brain? This time scientists have identified how to use the gadget, just not worth it. It turned out that for the health of the worst – long conversations on the phone (and associated radiation). A negative impact on the brain was observed especially in subjects that used to hold the smartphone close to the right ear.

How to safely use a smartphone? There is good news, if you rarely talk on the phone, instead texting, playing games and looking for something on the Internet and do not hold the phone near the head, the impact is minimal. The respondents did not observed changes in the development of brain regions associated with memory.


The potential risk to the brain can be minimized if you use a headset or speakerphone for calls, especially if the network signal is low, and the phone works at maximum power
– said co-author Martin p if.

To assess the impact of smartphone usage in the long term, the researchers plan to continue their research.

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