How to see “Bloody wolf moon” this weekend?


As you can see the only total lunar Eclipse and superlow this year this coming weekend? Here are tips from Adam Block (Adam Block) that works in the Steward Observatory of the Department of astronomy at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

The moon will appear larger and brighter than usual because of the so-called supermoon, the biggest convergence of the satellite to the Ground. The shadow of our planet’s shadow on the moon of the night, creating a reddish-orange glow during the Eclipse.

What is the best time to see it all? The beginning of the lunar Eclipse should be visible around 10 PM Eastern time. Maximum Eclipse, when the moon is completely covered by the shadow, will last about an hour, from 11:40 to 12:40 Eastern time.

Special surveillance equipment like a telescope or binoklya required. Just go outside and look at the moon this weekend. However, if you have a small telescope, you can set it up and observe the moon during maximum Eclipse. It is important to remember that in the cities night lights are much obscure the light of the moon and smear “effect.”

In addition, several major observatories will broadcast the Eclipse on the Internet and it can be tracked online.