How to open FLP-2017 in Ukraine: detailed instructions

Upon completion of the revolution of Dignity in Ukraine undertook to reform many areas of public life. Including promised to simplify the procedure of registration of individual entrepreneur. Now do not even have to go to the tax and the Ministry of justice you can use the online services of the state.
So how to open the FLP in Ukraine to 2017 without too much hassle — see the article of “24”.
Before you go to register at the business owner, you should be aware of several nuances. The first: to fill in the registration statements (both online and in person), the future entrepreneur must choose KVED (classifier of economic activities) — to determine the type (or types) of activities, which the FOP will deal with. A list of NACE is on the official website.
Second: for registration of online application of registration you must have an electronic digital signature (EDS). How to get it — it’s perfect it is told in the publication of “24”: digital signature: how to get and for how much?
How to open FOP across the Internet
How to open the FLP through the Ministry of justice website
The first way is through the website of the Ministry of justice. Here you need to enter the “Office of electronic services” and “Registry of legal entities and physical persons-entrepreneurs” choose the menu item “Application for the state registration of the legal entity or physical person-entrepreneur”. Opens the login window (check). If you are not registered in the system — do this by following the instructions.

How to register a sole proprietorship online: the registration form on the website of the Ministry of justice
Next, you need to do the following:
1. Entering the private office (the Ministry of justice website). 2. To create a statement. 3. To sign the application with EDS. 4. Send a statement. 5. To check the status of the application. 6. To obtain an electronic or paper document.
The Ministry of justice assure that this method of registration will take just one day.
How to open the FLP through iGov
The second method is online registration via the Portal of state services iGov. Here you need to select the “business Services” and section “Registration information” — “State registration of physical person-entrepreneur”. However, this function works so far (as on April 2017) only in the Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk and Ternopil regions. But you can try. After the identification of the person in iGov’s still with DS or systems BankID (there are, in particular, the clients of PrivatBank and Sberbank) or IDcard (the biometric passport), which contain information and the place of registration of a person.

How to register a sole proprietorship online: the portal of iGov
How to open FLP personally
If online registration is not for you, then you can register a sole proprietorship and the old-fashioned way upholstery departmental thresholds. For this you need to contact the state Registrar at the place of residence with the passport and an identification code, to provide copies of these documents. In gosregistratora you must fill out a registration card. Be careful when filling CTEA — if you make a mistake, you’ll have to register (though risk is, for example, construction services to sign up for the supply of bread). And fix this will be possible only by re-registering.
Submit documents to the state Registrar can spellista or through a representative (having him pre-notarized power of attorney).
If there were no errors within three working days from the date of submission of the documentation you must submit to the state registry and issue the corresponding statement. If you have sent the documents by letter, and the statement will receive in the mail.
Next, you need to personally carry the documents to the division of the tax inspection:
– a copy of passport and identification code; – the Declaration on the application of the single tax; – you received earlier extract from the unified state register; – the book of income; – statement addressed to the head of the tax Inspectorate or F. 5-OPP.
This book is the accounting of the income you will need to register even in the case of online registration. In addition, you will receive a certificate stating that you are a tax payer and a Bank account that will pay this tax.
Another point: regardless of registration you will need to open a Bank account for carrying out cashless payments.
On taxes and other obligatory payments to the FLP
All entrepreneurs are divided into 4 groups. Detailed information about the differences and peculiarities of taxation can be found on any informational resource for accountants. In short, the main differences are outlined in our infographic.

How to open the FLP in Ukraine: business groups
Depending on the group of the taxpayer, there are various conditions (and consequently amount) for the payment of the single tax and unified social contribution.

How to open the FLP: how much in 2017 must pay the state FLP
Note from the ERU exempt entity to the simplified taxation system, which is retired for age or disability and receive pension or social assistance.

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