How to make a bird feeder, where to hang it

Ideally, the bird feeder should be small. PHOTO:

With the onset of cold and ice wild birds becomes very difficult to find food. To survive the hunger birds help manmade feeders.

For small birds the best option are movable structures that swing. To make such possible with 3-or 5-liter plastic bottles. Suitable large tins of coffee. Sharp plastic or metal edges it is important to protect with adhesive tape. This will help the bird to avoid injury. For waxwings, thrushes and jays are best suited feeder size 30 to 40 cm, says Weekend.

It is best to do plastic or untreated wooden structures. It should ensure that they can be easily cleaned.

It is important that the feeder was protective roof. It must withstand wind, sleet and frost. The food should not get wet or freeze.

The size of the feeders is very important. If you make too much or too high, it quickly occupied by pigeons. Because these birds enough to find yourself in the city’s food, a feeder for them would be superfluous.

The bird feeder can hang on the side of the branches of the trees or firmly bolted to the trunk. If the size of it is quite dimensional, can be placed and dug into the ground the pole. This post should be smooth: so it can’t get out of the cat. It is also desirable that he was protected by a metal coupling. This design will not occupy the bird feeder to the squirrels.

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It is important that the house was unavailable to predators. To hang it next to the fence, over the low thick branches among low bushes dangerous. The optimum height for feeders is 1.5 meters above ground level.

The birds should be a free approach to the trough. Do not place it next to the lively pedestrian walkways and highways. Perfect location — on the edge or on the edge of the clearing a large Park or forest Park. The distance from the active movement will make the feeder attractive to interesting nomadic bird species that stop in the city only for feeding and try to avoid people.

It is important to select the feeders for a place that was convenient to her to pay a visit every day or max every other day. With this periodicity should be pour fresh feed and clean the house from dirt and leftovers. Birds are very good at remembering places of concentration of feed and check on them every day. If you teach the birds to visit the feeder at least once and leave it empty, because wasting energy the bird may even die.

Hang the bird feeder, preferably with the onset of stable frosts, formation of continuous deep snow cover and the appearance on the earth, and the trees of ice. If you start early, birds can get habituated to artificial feed and therefore lose the critical skills of obtaining food in the wild.

Previously showed the idea of converting old bird cages in a luxurious decor. Such you can decorate the garden or balcony. The size and shape of the cells is not important. Suit any.


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