How to fall on the road, not to break a bone

Luxation hands and ice with no elastic bandage. Photo:

Even a little ice can cause the fall of man. If you fall on your hands – break of the radial bone. On buttocks – it will be a bruised lower back.

People in the fall put hands. I hope to ease the blow, and get a broken wrist or forearm. It is also dangerous to fall on the buttocks, to avoid hip fracture.

This tells Maxim Korchenyuk, a podiatrist from Exactly.

“Falling back is dangerous because it causes brain concussion and loss of consciousness. When you feel that fall back will round your back, tuck your chin to your chest and fall to the side,” says the podiatrist.

When you sprain there is pain and swelling bone. Is to apply cold and make the elastic bandages. Sprains – just ice.

If there is sharp pain and numbness is not just a bruise. Injured limb swells up and turns blue. You should bandage the leg, put the cold to go to the traumatologist.

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For fall protection must be secured to the sole piece of sandpaper – fine clings to the ice.

If the shoes suitable adhesive tape or glue “Moment”. After application you need to walk on the sand. This will last for a day or two.

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