How to earn the Ukrainians in 2018

Deputies adopted the state budget of Ukraine for the year 2019.

Despite the fact that the budget is mainly focused on the repayment of billions of dollars of debt officials guarantee growth of the minimum salary, reports “24 channel”.


Photo: channel 24

In 2018, the average salary rose to 9100 UAH.

23,95% of the citizens receives 3723 hryvnia per month. 7.9% of Ukrainian workers receive less. A 1 million 254 thousand people.


Photo: channel 24

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More than 10 000 hryvnias of a salary received by each fifth Ukrainian. Over the past 4 years the salary of the average Ukrainian has increased 2.5 times. However, because of inflation in fact declined by 21%.


Photo: channel 24

The Verkhovna Rada adopted in the second reading the bill on the state budget-2019. Before that, the document has made a lot of edits. The last two months they have agreed to. The final version of the adopted law is not available yet. The draft budget 2019 after the first reading included the income of the state budget of 1 trillion 8 billion 375 million 99.7 thousand UAH. Including the national Bank will have to transfer 45.6 billion UAH. Expenses – 1 trillion 94 billion 368 million UAH 288,1 thousand. The maximum amount of the budget deficit is 89 billion 989 million 320 thousand UAH.


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