How to earn the Ukrainians in 2018: unexpected figures

The main budget MPs have adopted. Despite the fact that the budget is mainly focused on the repayment of billions of dollars of debt officials guarantee growth of the minimum salary. However inflation of plans and earnings growth in Ukraine does not mean improvement.

9100 hryvnia is the average salary of Ukrainians in 2018.

23,95% of the citizens receives approximately minimum wage per month in the amount of 3723 hryvnia. 7,9% of Ukrainians who work get less than the minimal salary. That is 1 million 254 thousand people.


More than 10 thousand hryvnias of a salary received by each fifth Ukrainian.

Wages in Ukraine

Over the past 4 years salary of the average Ukrainian has increased 2.5 times.

The salary of the average Ukrainian has increased 2.5 times

However, because of inflation in fact declined by 21%.


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