How to drink coffee while breastfeeding

Coffee a healthy drink if you drink it in moderation. But does coffee while breastfeeding. Many moms are concerned about this issue because they are worried about the condition and health of the child.

How much coffee you can drink to the woman during lactation, the doctor told Maria of His community.Doc.

Women during breastfeeding you can drink coffee 1-2, even 3 cups a day.

Only 1% of the caffeine which uses the mom into the breast milk, and this amount is usually not enough to harm the baby
says doctor Maria.

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According СDC during lactation daily dose of caffeine = 300 mg maximum. There are different data, according to some sources is 200 mg/day.

The average Cup (200 ml) contains us 85-130 mg of caffeine, however, it all depends on the beans.

However, we should not forget that tea, matcha, chocolate and various drinks such as Coca-Cola, also contain caffeine.

As coffee can affect the baby

As the doctor noted, only 1% of the total amount of caffeine that uses mother into the breast milk. Therefore, the risks of harm to the baby is negligible.

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But if the mother drinks more than 10 cups a day, it can cause the child’s anxiety and tearfulness, as well as to disturb his slumber.

Premature infants and infants in the first days of life is slower metaboliziruet caffeine, so this period is better to stay on 1 Cup a day.

If you love coffee, drink because of medical reasons to avoid it during breastfeeding not.

Evidence that it brings any benefit to the child, either.

But if after a Cup of coffee mom will feel happier – the benefits are obvious.

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