How to choose the automation for gates

The garage is home to your car. You may recall that earlier garages had closed the door, welded from metal and looked more like a cellar, and inside through the gap the wind was blowing, gets wet, all grizzled, unpleasant odor.

Another thing is automation for gates, it is even more expensive, but the difference is quite kompensiruet, because it is not only protection from moisture and dust, but the extra insulation.


Automatic gates can be raised up, or to gather with the hand, depending on the type of garage

Features installation of automation systems for gates

Automatic gates set on rails. They can climb up, or to gather with the hand, depending on the type of garage. If you build a garage, then of course, it is better to consider features to establish the gate:

• the width of the doors no more than 5 meters;
• door height up to 3 meters;
• from the wall to the door of the slope should be a wall at least 1.2 meters.

If all of these characteristics are not met, the gate can be set but they will cost more.


Automatic gates can be raised up, or to gather with the hand, depending on the type of garage

Where is best to buy automation for gates?

Installing an automatic gate Sizam your life much easier, especially in the cold season. In fact, before you go home, you usually stayed in front of the house and went to open the gate. With automation this can be done by pressing the button.

Specialists of the company-manufacturer of automatic gates in the river Sizam are on the market for over 20 years. The company has its own production of all types of doors and automation for gates buy from trusted manufacturers, which greatly simplified the life of consumers. If you decide to change gates in the existing garage or to build a new garage or fence, contact the experts of the company. They will carry out all the measurements themselves cheated the necessary equipment and install it. Also, help with the selection of automatics for all types of door:

• sliding;
• swing;
• sectional garage;
• industrial.

Sectional doors are opened and closed by hand. Therefore, many consumers first buy the gates, and automatic re-buy later. But the remote is in your hands – a pledge of comfort. This is especially true during rainy or snowy weather. When buying automation note: the more gates, the more their weight and the more powerful the engine need to be lifted. The warranty on the automatic is about a year. The engine can be choose belt or chain transmission. The quality is about the same, although experts believe that the chain transmission more reliable, but belt drive is more quiet.

The main manufacturers of automation systems for gates, are such brands, the countries of China and Italy, as AN Motors, Alutech, Nice, Came, BFT.


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