How to check the quality of vaccines: response of immunologist

Vaccination is the most effective method of prevention and protection from disease. After the introduction, the body produces immunity against infection, reacting to the vaccine.

Associate Professor of pediatric infectious diseases, pediatric immunology NMAPE named after P. L. Shupyk, Fedor Lapiy in exclusive comments for Health 24 advises to ask the doctors registration documents of the vaccine.

To ensure that the vaccine is registered, whether it was stored, whether it is contraband, you need to go to the website of the State register of medicines. It contains information about all registered in Ukraine vaccines with the relevant instructions and registration certificates.

Immunologist Fedor Lapiy

If there is a suspicion about the quality or authenticity of vaccines, you can contact the manufacturer. Ukraine has representation in order to obtain information about medicines, which are commercially available, or are suspicious in their originality.

If we talk about public health institutions, the vaccine is supplied through international procurement agencies across the state enterprise “Ukrvaktsina” relevant documents”

In the year 2018 has been the response of law enforcement. The vaccine without official documents, appeared in the Ukrainian pharmacies. In this case it is necessary to contact the official representation of the manufacturer.

Please note that the labels on the vaccines must be in the Ukrainian language

Themselves of the company’s vaccines are also conducting monitoring. According to the current legislation of medicines in private hospitals, pharmacies must be in the package in the Ukrainian language. If you see that the packaging only a foreign language, it is necessary to question the legality of the importation and distribution of vaccines.

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