How the Kremlin is using the Crimea to intervene in the presidential election

Russian special services have prepared another scheme to influence the presidential elections in Ukraine – this time with the occupied Crimea.

Residents of the occupied Peninsula “will vote” for need for a country-aggressor candidates, said in a statement on the website of the foreign intelligence Service.

Now Ukrainian intelligence services record the steady trend towards increasing the number of persons crossing the demarcation line in Ukraine to vote in the presidential election.

The official purpose of stay of the majority of citizens – visiting relatives. But in fact they are registered at polling stations.

In investigation noted that the occupants are working on the possibility of applying in the occupied Crimea illegal schemes. They will try to buy and export to mainland Ukraine documents of the Ukrainian sample identity. They were allegedly issued to residents of Crimea until March 2014.

How will pass elections of the President of Ukraine

The representatives of Russia to participate in the Ukrainian presidential election will not. This, in particular, said foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin on January 9. As the diplomat noted, Ukraine will not accept an application for the registration of Russian observers, as a country-aggressor.

What do we know about presidential elections of 2019? This time the President of Ukraine will choose the seventh time. According to the Constitution, will be the newly formed guarantor in this position for at least 5 years. 8 March 2019 will be known the final list of all candidates.

Themselves elections should be held on 31 March and the official results will be displayed until April 10. If none of the candidates will not overcome the barrier of 50%, it will be a second round, which is scheduled for April 21.

The final version of the ballot will contain the names of the 39. With all the presidential candidates You can find at this link. Earlier, the CEC refused 47 persons to register as a presidential candidate.

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