How much the country has earned at auctions on the land lease in 2018

It became known how much money was received by the local budgets of Ukraine in 2018, from holding auctions for the sale of land lease rights.

In 2018 on the OpenMarket platform, owned by state-owned SETS of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine there were 179 land auctions.

As reports a press-service of the Ministry of justice, thanks to these trading received more than 14.6 million hryvnia.

The total starting amount of lots with the auction, yet check, at the end of December 2018 was 6 432 219 UAH, and the total amount of implementation – 14 603 811 USD.

In the SETS claim that due to these trades the Ukrainians, who rent land, can get a lot more than traditional auctions.

Electronic land auctions 2018

By the way, at the end of December 2018, the first auctions for the sale of rights to lease land were held on the platform ProZorro.Sale, during which it earned more than 440 thousand.

What is the current land market in Ukraine?
Today in Ukraine there is a ban (moratorium) on the sale and alienation of agricultural land.

The owners of land shares cannot freely dispose of them, and the only method of land transfer for use to others is the conclusion of the lease.

The formal reason for extending the moratorium is the lack in Ukraine of infrastructure for the implementation of the sale and purchase of agricultural land.


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