How much money Ukrainians are transferred through banks in 2018: interesting figure

Daily for 2018, the Ukrainians were transferred through the country’s banks on average 1.4 million payments worth more than 100 billion hryvnia.

This was announced on the official website of the national Bank of Ukraine.

Throughout the year, through the banking system, the BOT has carried out 57 million payments in the amount of 25 billion hryvnia.

What is a BOT?The system of electronic payments of the National Bank – state Bank payment system that provides interbank transfers through accounts opened in the National Bank of Ukraine. NBU is a payment Agency and a clearing Bank system. SES provides the implementation of the 97% of interbank transfers of funds in national currency within Ukraine.

It is important that the amount of payments that the Ukrainians have taken place between accounts in the same Bank, these statistics did not take into account.

Most often, the Ukrainians were transferred through banks small amount of UAH 1 thousand, a little less – from 1 to 100 thousand.

BOT: statistics for 2018

By the way, members of the BOT as at 1 January 2019 was 79 banks, the State Treasury service and the national Bank of Ukraine.

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