How much money is collected Ukrainian films in 2018: interesting data

Cash collections of Ukrainian films in 2018 amounted to 198 million 936 thousand UAH.

Chairman of the State Agency for the movie Philip Ilyenko in the report for 2018 indicated that over the past two years significantly increased the Ukrainian film industry: the 48 films for 2018 and 47 in 2017, far exceeding the number over the years, two or even four times.

The leaders of the steel tape of “Crazy wedding” – 54 918 million 929 thousand hryvnias and “Kidnapped Princess” – 36 407 million 093 thousand hryvnia.

Only in 2018, rolling out 35 Ukrainian full-length films, 22 of them were created with the support of the state.

In 2019 Ukrainian film “I, You, He, She” set a box office record among Ukrainian films. For the month of hire it has collected more than 67 million hryvnia. By the way, romantic Comedy is also created with the support of the state. The total budget of the film was 35 million 960 thousand 400 hryvnias, the government allocated almost 18 million.

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