How many will work Jamal, Ruslan and Onuka for the performance at the Eurovision song contest 2017: published sum

In the system Рrozorro published data on the procurement of services of three well-known Ukrainian singers in the finals of Eurovision-2017 for a total amount of 1.58 million.
The most expensive cost of Jamala’s performance. So, OOO Dzhamaladinova Susana Aminovna get 986 thousand UAH.

Much cheaper Ruslana, who won Eurovision in 2014. FLP Ruslana will get 394 thousand hryvnias.

In the final, will also speak Ukrainian band Onuka with the National academic orchestra of folk instruments. The total cost of this performance – 231 thousand hryvnia. Orchestration and the soloist of the group (Phil Zhizhchenko Natalia) will receive 45 thousand hryvnia. For technical sound recording in a rehearsal room NEON with Onuka will pay 57 thousand.

In addition, especially for the performance of Onuka will make a wreath and three silk shawls. The total cost of which 43 thousand hryvnias.

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