How many will buy a vote in the election

According to observers, the problem of bribery of voters remains.

In the presidential election vote will be a “buy” for 500-600 UAH. In an interview with said the coordinator of the electoral programs of Civic network “OPORA” Olga ayvazovska.

“In elections if it were paid 1000-1500 hryvnias. In the presidential ready to give 500-600,” he told the observer.

“In addition to money, give gifts, alcohol, poor – packets of food. Bribery has a material benefit from 3 procentov minimum wage (125 UAH. – Candidates think that if every day to give 2 percent of the minimal salary (83 UAH. –, it will not be bribery. And on the district low-income families under the influence of such policies can be up to 10 thousand.

Products often distribute charitable organization. Campaign materials gifts, the investigators do not take into account”, – said the representative of “OPORA”.

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Full interview with Olga Aivazovskaya read HERE


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