How many Ukrainians in 2018 received Russian citizenship

Russia for 2018 has granted citizenship to thousands 83 81 Ukrainian. Many people, for example, live in the city Beregovo in Transcarpathia.

However, the Russian citizenship have received on 2 thousand 38 people less than in 2017, the statistics on the migration situation of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

During the year, Russia has also issued 64 thousand 861 residence permit for Ukrainians. For today in Russia with such evidence of live 638 170 thousand Ukrainians.

Another 77 75 thousand Ukrainians received a temporary residence permit in Russia. With such permissions live there now, 160 thousand of the Ukrainians 706.

Russia is also counted to 524.7 thousand citizens of Ukraine, who during the course of 2018 visited Russia with private visit. Even 460,6 thousands of Ukrainians went to Russia to work, to 29.1 thousand in the study, 44.2 thousand – as tourists.

It follows that to work to Russia began to go less Ukrainians. After all, wishing to earn in the neighboring country in 2017 by 42.7 thousand less than in 2018.

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