How many Ukrainians died in an accident in 2018: a terrible figure.

Last 2018 on highways killed more than three thousand citizens, more than 30 thousand were injured. The majority of accidents were caused by drivers.

Overall last year saw more than 150 thousand dorozhno-transport incidents in which were more than 115 thousand Ukrainians, according to the Center for public health.

Because of drivers there were more than 12 thousand accidents as the fault of pedestrians – a total of 743.

As a result of management while intoxicated occurred nearly a thousand accidents, which killed 87 people.

Because of the speeding drivers was almost 300 incidents, which killed 52 people. Poor state of roads has led to 221 incident, which killed 61 people.

In addition, because of drivers of buses has occurred 163 incidents in which 28 people died. In this case the total number of accidents involving pedestrians occurred more than 8 thousand accidents, involving cyclists – almost 1.5 thousand.

Statistics of accidents in Ukraine over 2018

In General, the national police recorded a decrease in the number of accidents in 2018. Their number has decreased 7.6%. Most accidents recorded in Kiev – more than 38 thousand, which is 10.7% less than in 2017. In second place was Odessa, where there had been a 13.6 per thousand accidents, and the third – Kharkiv – more than 11 thousand accidents.

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