How many children were born in Kiev in 2018

Author: ARWENN

In 2018, boys born in Kiev more than girls.

In 2018 in Kiev came to light more than 34 thousand. newborns. Thus boys born more than girls.

This was stated by the Director of city of scientific information-analytical center of medical statistics Lyudmila Petravchuk, reports

“In 2018 in Kiev was 34.5 per thousand births (16.4 thousand girls and 18.1 thousand boys), per 1,000 population is 11.7” she said.

It is noted that the richest in the birth of children was August. Then was born more than 3 thousand children. But in December, there was less babies – 2,5 thousand

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Also, Mrs. Petravchuk shared that over the period of Ukraine’s independence, most of the babies born in Kiev in 2016 – 36,5 thousand

In Zaporozhye died from influenza baby. Death was recorded in the Hortitsky area – the child died suddenly in his own house at the age of one month and 24 days.


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