How many children in 2018, said of the violence: police data

For 2018, the police received 1285 of statements and messages on Commission of domestic violence. These statements filed by the children themselves.

The head of the Ukrainian bartolino police Alexander Fatsevich reported that for 2018 was committed 4.3 thousand crimes against children, which affected 4.7 thousand children.

Almost 1.5 thousand children were victims of grave and especially grave crimes.

In 2017 of such crimes was recorded 4.6 thousand, so the law enforcement record decrease in the number of crimes committed against children. In 2017 from the criminal offences victims have become five thousand children, from them 1,7 thousand – heavy and especially serious crimes.

Infographics National police

In 2018 , the year it was 11.3 per thousand of reported missing children. Of them 10 thousand minors, the police found and returned to parents during the first days after the disappearance. Now the country wanted based on past years is 46 children.

The safety of children are a priority for the National police and the state as a whole,
– said Alexander Fatsevich.

In addition, the meeting summed up the results of preventive work in the sphere of ensuring the rights of children.

Infographics National police

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