How Jennifer aniston reacted to the rumors about a new novel by brad pitt: unexpected data

Actress Jennifer aniston, who was 13 years ago severed relations with brad pitt, still attracts the attention of the media for his attitude to Hollywood handsome. Journalists even suggested that the pair again to restore relations.

But despite all the speculation, recently it became known that the heart of brad pitt conquered another Hollywood blonde. After her divorce from Angelina Jolie, the actor plunged into a new relationship with Charlize Theron. The pair have long been familiar, but only now they secretly started Dating.

This news quickly spread in all the media. Information became known and the ex-wife of brad pitt – Jennifer aniston. Apparently, the star didn’t meet the expectations of Western tabloids, because, according to insiders, she’s been watching the personal life of brad pitt, so she does not care who became the new mistress of the spouse. This insider told Hollywood Life.

Jen doesn’t bother news of his romance with Charlize Theron. She is moving forward and not paying attention to any of my exes. Their love ended long ago,
– told the insider.

In addition, the source noted that Jennifer aniston is completely focused on my career. Star finishes filming in a few films and pays a lot of attention to the new television project which can repeat the success of the series “Friends”.

“Now Jen is busy filming and the new television project. So it brad is a thing of the past and all that he does in his life, now his only choice,” added the insider.

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