How is Russia going to return Ukraine to its sphere of influence

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko believes that Russia is prepared to take on the Ukrainian presidential elections in 2019. So, the main goal of the Russian Federation is holding its candidates to power in Ukraine.

This is stated on the website of the President.

Ukrainian army in recent years is qualitatively stronger, and realizing that any further attempt by the military invasion will end badly for the invaders, the Kremlin main bet today are doing to undermine Ukraine from within. 2019 from this point of view will be decisive. In the Kremlin to it was prepared carefully and long. Planning in Moscow is not a secret. In fact, the Russian leadership themselves, and not hiding – to conduct the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine, currently controlled by the government,
– said Poroshenko.

In his opinion, the purpose of these actions is quite clear, Russia wants to stop the democratic development of Ukraine.

“The operation to influence the Ukrainian elections, Russia already being in full swing. Its purpose is also clear: stop the democratic development of Ukraine, its movement towards the European and Euro-Atlantic integration, return it to the so-called “Russian sphere of influence,” the President added.

He assured that he will do everything for fair elections in the country and said that he had been invited to observe the presidential elections of observers from authoritative international organizations and individual States.

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