How celebrities dressed for Halloween 2017?


Sonny and cher, the White Walkers and superheroes – celebrities again this year surprised everyone with its unusual outfits for Halloween.

Jonathan Cheban an example of the appearance of Sonny and cher’s dressed star reality show Kim Kardashian. In this way they came to the annual party to celebrate Halloween in the “Casamigos” and on the Met Gala Halloween party. Cher, by the way, liked the way it presented the Armenian Kardashian. Later she also tried on the image of Michael Jackson, and her sister Courtney Madonna.

Bruce Willis and his assistant dressed the girls-twins in the blue dresses from the Shining. Actors Jaime king and Kyle Newman along with their children turned into Power Rangers. Ariana Grande and her boyfriend Doug Middlebrook decided to rejuvenate the retro glamour in images of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Gigi Hadid tried on the suit for NASA astronauts.

Zoe Kravitz appeared in the image of Marla from “Fight club”, and Jason Derulo turned into King of the Night from “Game of thrones”.

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