Hot babe: kit Harrington tried on a red dress and heels (Video)

Hot babe: kit Harrington tried on a red dress and heels (Video)
21:40 Tue, 9 APR 2019 Telegraph Photo: news of show business: Actor kit Harington, known for playing Jon snow in the TV series “Game of thrones” appeared before the audience in a completely unexpected way.

Recently actor kit Harington has been a guest on Saturday Night Live that airs on NBC every Saturday at 23.30 est. In the framework of the broadcast of this programme-known media personalities (comedians, actors, singers etc) playing humorous jokes on various topics, then begins the musical insert, and the very communion with the stars.

In the latest issue of his skill of disguise, guests of the show were pleased with the actor kit Harington. A man appeared at the site in the form of a dancer with the stage name Eva Braun.

Clothes on “Jon snow” was a beige coat, which he soon took off the red dress in the style of burlesque and black high heel shoes.

In the story, the whale performs erotic dance at her bachelorette his future wife. To say that all my friends were shocked by this turn of events – to say nothing. Only their surprised exclamations of “Oh my God” are that you watched this video.

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Earlier, kit Harrington appeared in another sketch Saturday Night Live. He played the role of Cersei Lannister that in the Nude held on main street in full view of all its inhabitants. Of course, the actor in this moment was wearing, but the overall assessment of the spectacle is not affected.

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