Horoscope for today, may 7, 2017: all zodiac signs

Horoscope for today, may 7, 2017: all zodiac signs



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On this day you will not only be to shoulder many complex cases and issues, but more importantly, the mood to deal with them.

Horoscope for 7 may 2017 – Aries

Today you will have to compromise everywhere, at home and at work. Otherwise, you are free to create themselves in serious trouble, make enemies and become a party to the conflict. Try not to show activity, this will lead to fatigue, after which you will be hard to recover.

Horoscope for may 7, 2017 Taurus

You need to have patience and not to snap at loved ones. The voltage for several days increases, causing nervousness and irritability. Choose a minimum of cases, but all important to keep under close control, but do not overload the nervous system.

Horoscope for 7 may 2017 – Gemini

A good day to search the ways of improvement of physical condition, rehabilitation . Keep in mind the aesthetic factor. Effective will be what is attractive to you. In other aspects of life and external relations will be decisive, even if you understand that this is not the main key to success.

Horoscope for 7 may 2017 – Cancer

The main theme of the day promises to be the money and everything connected with them. The stars on this day, any trip to the store may result in unpredictable expenses that can penetrate in your wallet is an impressive gap. Do any games with the finances of today are not welcome, especially of gambling and other risky operations.

Horoscope for 7 may 2017 – Leo

This day is fraught with many pitfalls, first and foremost, this concerns the communication with the opposite sex. Today’s Dating can be fraught with danger. Not meet on the street, do not engage in conversations with strangers. The house will be quarrels and insults, conflicts because of jealousy.

Horoscope for 7 may 2017 – Virgo

Today you run the risk of becoming a victim of his own restlessness. Numerous ideas and plans will be enough to break your brain that you are able to spend all his physical and moral strength in fruitless attempts to implement them all simultaneously. In this scenario, it is important for you to choose the most important to you.

Horoscope for 7 may 2017 – Libra

On this day you will not only be to shoulder many complex cases and issues, but more importantly, the mood to deal with them. Today you have the chance to bring to mind some of my projects, getting good results for their efforts. However, the vacation is also not necessary to forget and that in a short time and overheat.

Horoscope for 7 may 2017 – Scorpio

Today you should not make major acquisitions, but you can buy useful things in the economy. Today you will be eager to talk, and perhaps a romantic encounter. You can easily get the information you need, especially if you connect to find friends.

Horoscope for 7 may 2017 – Archer

Today you may accidentally offend someone even without meaning to. The stars incline you to talk first, and then think what consequences it will lead. So under the influence of emotions you are able to accidentally tell a secret or to tell the source of hard-hitting truth right in the face. In order to avoid misunderstandings, the stars advise you to escape to where everyone is dancing and deafening loud music, in a Museum or library — there will be no incriminating conversations.

Horoscope for 7 may 2017 – Capricorn

Today you will be clearly not configured to meet new people. Anyway, to all new you will be treated with great caution. But if your acquaintance this day still take place, we can expect that it will be especially strong and long.

Horoscope for 7 may 2017 – Aquarius

The day promises to be in the background haunting reflection on the topic: what is better- determination or caution? While you meditate, you risk wasting time and opportunities. And the answer is something really obvious: choosing from these two qualities, try to combine them.

Horoscope for 7 may 2017 – Fish

Today you may have a tendency to laziness and increased sleepiness. Sleepy as can chase you until the evening. If you can’t find the strength to cheer up and tune in to the activity, and will, bring nothing special. Drink for the buzz extra Cup of strong coffee or a jog.

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